At PortAventura World you can find many types of adventures where adrenaline plays a starring role, but adrenaline is by no means the only protagonist. Street Mission is the best example; an attraction where hieroglyphics, enigmas and detective skills combine to shape a story in which ingenuity is essential to reach the end.

If you want to know more about this dark ride brimming with totally unexpected moments, read on. We will share all kinds of details with you!


Grover needs your help. Will you give him a hand?

In SésamoAventura, the Big Cookie, a giant and inimitable cookie, has disappeared, and the only clue to find its whereabouts is a small trail of crumbs. To find it, Detective Grover asks us if we can help him to solve the mystery by summoning our best skills.

In order to start this great mission, we will put on special glasses, we will get in a taxi with a capacity for six people, we will be assigned a colour as a clue collector and we will go through different parts of Sesame Street®.

The journey will start in the building 123 of this famous street and we will pass by some of the most emblematic places, meeting some of its most famous inhabitants, such as Bert, Ernie, Abby and Elmo, who will help us solve this great mystery.


What kind of adventure is Street Mission?

This 1,300 square metre dark ride guarantees a multitude of thrills for visitors who take part in this adventure. A route without rails, there are, in total, eight scenes in which real sets are interspersed with 3D projections, and where we will meet the most well-known characters of one of the most famous streets in the world.

As one of the key elements of this attraction is its interactivity, it is ideal for families and groups of friends. As soon as we get into the taxi, we will be assigned a colour (yellow, orange, red, blue, violet or green) with which we will have to collect the cookie crumbs. These are the clues that will take us to the whereabouts of the Big Cookie.

At the end of the journey, we will see a score board with the total amount of clues collected along the route.

In this special mission, we can also interact with more than 2,000 items to make the story even more immersive.

There are many ways to score points on Street Mission. If you collect a small crumb, you will get 100 points. If you collect a medium crumb, you will gain 500 points. If it is a large crumb, you will earn 1000 points. And there is also the golden crumb, with which you will be awarded 5,555 points!

An attraction for everyone

Although Street Mission is located in SésamoAventura and is considered to be for families, the truth is that it is an attraction for everyone.

The little ones will have a great time participating in an adventure in which they can interact with many of their favourite Sesame Street® characters, although the older ones will have just as good a time (if not more so). As it is such an interactive and immersive adventure, participants become completely absorbed in their detective role as they give everything to solve the mystery.


Visit Street Mission and show off your detective skills

As you can see, this dark ride is a different kind of adventure and ideal for everyone. Not only does it have a great story, but you can also participate in it and it’s up to you to make the mission a success.

What’s more, SésamoAventura is an exciting space for the little ones, so before and after solving the mystery of the Big Cookie they will have a great time in a world that has been dreamed up by them and for them.


Do you think you can solve the mystery?

Grover is waiting for you!