A ride that lets little ones experience the excitement of the Polynesia jungle too.
  • Mild Ride
  • Maximum height:1,20 m
  • Disability Access



The most authentic crafts from Mexico that you can choose and try on without ever leaving PortAventura World.
  • Category: Handicrafts and décor
  • Location: In front of La Hacienda
  • Pick-up service: Yes
  • Payment methods: Cash, card and hotel key card

Christmas Family Festival

Spend an enjoyable day with the family: join us and discover 3 exclusive stages, interactive areas, 1 amazing ice sculptor, the best choreography… and many more surprises!
  • Type of Show​: Family, musical.

  • See guide for times.
  • Until: 08/01/2017
  • Access for disabled visitors.


Área Infantil

The playground in PortAventura is filled with attractions for little ones to make up their own games and adventures.
  • Mild Ride 
  • Disability Access 


In ChikiTienda you can find many items featuring your favourite SésamoAventura characters, hundreds of memories and the best parts of your fantastic day in PortAventura.
  • Category: Souvenirs
  • Location: In SésamoAventura
  • Pick-up service: Yes
  • Payment methods: Cash, card and hotel key card

El Diablo - Tren de la Mina

Ride through the El Diablo mine at top speed in an authentic wooden railway carriage and be sure to take in every single detail.
  • Ride type Moderate
  • Height Restriction:1,40 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult: 1,30m-1,40m
  • Disability Access 
  • Video Ride 
  • Express

Cal Caramel

Sweeten your stay with your favourite treats: you will find all the sweets you could possibly imagine at Cal Caramel.
  • Category: Sweets
  • Location: At the PortAventura Park entrance
  • Pick-up service: Yes
  • Payment methods: Cash, card and hotel key card


The thrilling ups and downs of this children’s ride will test the courage of all those who dare to take on the challenge of the Tomahawk roller coaster.
  • Mild Ride
  • Height Restriction 1,05 m
  • Maximum height 1,85 m
  • Disability access

Marco Polo

At the Buffet Marco Polo in PortAventura, you will feel like a real explorer as you try a myriad of different and delicious dishes from China.
  • Service: Buffet
  • Type of cuisine: Salads, rice dishes, pasta dishes, fish, meat and Asian dishes.
  • Location: In front of Templo Mágico
  • Payment methods: Cash and credit card


In the heart of a far-off town lies PortAventura Park's Carousel, the famous merry-go-round for children and adults alike.
  • Mild Ride
  • Height Restriction:1,20 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult:< 1,20 m
  • Disability Access 
  • Photo Ride

The Old Steak House

The best meat of Penitence is served at The Old Steak House restaurant. Lovers of American food, this is your place!
  • Service: Self-Service
  • Type of cuisine: American food, salads, pork chops and hamburgers
  • Location: In the heart of Far West
  • Payment methods: Cash and credit card

SésamoAventura Rides

In SésamoAventura at PortAventura there are exciting attractions such as Magic Fish and thrilling roller coasters for children like Tami Tami. The perfect area for the whole family!


Snack Points

These snack points offer a wide range of quality products that will quickly replenish your energy levels without taking time away from the attractions of PortAventura World.
  • Happiness Station (Mediterrània)
  • Tropical Juice (Polynesia)
  • Waitan (China)
  • Erawan (China)
  • Economato (México)
  • La Cara (México)
  • 4 de Julio (Far West)
  • El Molino (Far West)
  • Triky’s Corner (SésamoAventura)


Use your water gun to shoot down all the obstacles in your path as you cross the jungle and step ashore a real hero.
  • Ride type Moderate
  • Height Restriction 1,30 m
  • Height Restriction With Adult: <1,30 m
  • Disability access
  • Photo Ride
  • Express

La Cantina

Join the party that the Mariachis have prepared for you at La Cantina restaurant and try delicious nachos with guacamole or a good bowl of chilli con carne. Enjoy the show!
  • Type of cuisine: Mexican food, salads, desserts, burritos and chilli con carne
  • Location: In front of the Hurakan Condor exit
  • Payment methods: Cash and card

Records de PortAventura

In Records de PortAventura Park you'll find endless theme park souvenirs that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.
  • Category: Souvenirs
  • Location: In front of the Mediterrània lake
  • Pick-up service: Yes
  • Payment methods: Cash, card and hotel key card

Navidad con Amor

The Gran Teatro Imperial in China becomes a magical Christmas village, where the inhabitants play the main role to the rhythm of acrobatics and Christmas songs.


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