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At PortAventura China, we offer you the chance to go on a journey through time to discover the legend of Dragon Khan, to experience the vertigo of Shambhala and for little ones to become emperors of the China playground. What more could you ask for?

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Measuring 76 metres tall, this roller coaster boasts the longest drop and is the highest in PortAventura Park.

Dragon Khan

An icon for all roller coasters: 8 loops and more than 110 km/h of speed will make Dragon Khan a sure temptation as soon as you lay eyes on it.
Angkor - China


Use your water gun to shoot down all the obstacles in your path as you cross the jungle and step ashore a real hero.

Waitan Port

Waitan Port is a pleasant boat ride that will take you from PortAventura China to PortAventura Mediterrània.

Cobra Imperial

Cobra Imperial of PortAventura China is one of the symbols of this theme area and is designed with little ones in mind.

Tea Cups

The giant tea cups of this PortAventura World ride are waiting for you and your family to hop on to go for a spin.

Área Infantil

The playground in PortAventura is filled with attractions for little ones to make up their own games and adventures.
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Far West
The rides in the Far West area of PortAventura will transport you to an authentic town in the American Far West. We have some crazy, fun rides in store for you.
In SésamoAventura at PortAventura Resort there are exciting attractions such as Magic Fish and thrilling roller coasters for children like Tami Tami.
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