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The rides in PortAventura World's México themed area are only for the most intrepid explorers. Are you brave enough to try them all?

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A dragon-headed serpent will greet you as you enter México PortAventura. Will you be strong enough to survive as it spins you round and round?

Los Potrillos

These friendly, rebellious Mexican ponies will take little ones on a journey through the thick vegetation of the most exotic lands of México PortAventura.


These fun Mexican animals are dressed in all their finery ready to take little ones on a pleasant stroll around colonial México PortAventura.

Serpiente Emplumada

Join the ceremonial ritual and spin around this sacred totem pole on the back of Serpiente Emplumada and experience all the ups and downs of this powerful ride in PortAventura's México area.

Hurakan Condor

With a 100-metre long free fall, this ride is only suitable for the most courageous of México PortAventura's visitors.

El Diablo - Tren de la Mina

Ride through the El Diablo mine at top speed in an authentic wooden railway carriage and be sure to take in every single detail.

El Secreto de los Mayas

El Secreto de los Mayas is a 175 m2 maze of sensations and visual effects which is possessed by the Mayan gods who will put your PortAventura World explorer skills to the test.
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Far West
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