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In SésamoAventura at PortAventura Resort there are exciting attractions such as Magic Fish and thrilling roller coasters for children like Tami Tami. An amazing place where our smallest guests are the real stars.

Enjoy this area of PortAventura  World with the whole family!

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Tami Tami - SésamoAventura

Tami Tami

Of all the SésamoAventura attractions, this is the only roller coaster for kids, but not exclusively! Let yourself go and experience the adrenaline rush of this tailor-made PortAventura World attraction.

La Granja de Elmo

Elmo has gathered the nicest animals together in a hilarious SésamoAventura attraction where you can meet them whilst you take a fun ride.


Coco Piloto

Coco Piloto is a ride in the SésamoAventura area invented by Grover himself. This ride lets you explore the theme park from above as you fly a fun plane.

Mariposas Saltarinas

Pedal hard to move the wings of the SésamoAventura dancing butterflies; fly high filling the sky with amazing colours.

Magic Fish

Imagine a place where you could ride on the back of a fish and go skidding along the water. Now you can at PortAventura's fun Magic Fish ride for children.

El Huerto Encantado - SésamoAventura

El Huerto Encantado

In El Huerto Encantado of PortAventura Resort, a myriad of intertwining slides and games for children let little ones go on real adventures.


The mischievous seats in this new family area are waiting for the bravest explorers to sit on them and start to feel as though they are flying in the skies above PortAventura World.

Kiddie Dragons

We have no doubt that you're an intrepid adventurer so get the kids to come and experience the sensations of the children’s attraction Kiddie Dragons.

El Salto de Blas

Bert has built his own attraction in SésamoAventura, inspired by Hurakan Condor.  The difference is that you get to decide how high up the tower you want to go, and then drop!

El Árbol Mágico

In the centre of the new family area in PortAventura theme park stands the symbol of SésamoAventura; the funny El Árbol Mágico welcomes all visitors to this area created by the friendly Sesame Street characters.


SésamoAventura Station

Quick, grab your luggage and jump aboard the PortAventura's old steam engine. The train will set off as soon as the whistle blows. An unforgettable journey awaits you at the PortAventura theme park that you won't want to miss.

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