Bang Bang Halloween

Bang Bang Halloween Show

PortAventura presents an action-packed, rhythmic, spectacular show packed with plenty of laughs to amaze the entire family. You will be transported back to the Far West in the blink of an eye. Real soldiers holed up in the guard tower, old wooden constructions, dust, bullets, watering holes, cannons, explosions and gunfire - lots of gunfire! … And acrobatics performed by action experts.

Penitence has turned into a large blood bank. The vampires in the area and even Dracula himself have already been informed. Will the acrobatics of a small group of soldiers and an apprentice vampire be able to defend the city? A show full of action and comedy!

Action-packed excitement in the heart of the PortAventura Far West to make you feel like you’re in a real Wild West movie ... without ever leaving PortAventura! Prepare to be amazed by the guard tower near the village, the water mill, the small farm, the latrine, etc. You are in for your share of great surprises as part of the hilarious PortAventura Bang Bang Halloween show. Only the bravest PortAventura cowboys will be able to escape from the Bang Bang Halloween fort.

And of course Halloween has also settled into this crazy set-up with new action shows, lots of laughs and real cinematic effects, falls, punches, races, real explosions and gunfire ... All this for the whole family in Bang Bang Halloween!

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