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Halloween Escape: Resurrection

Halloween Escape: Resurrection Show

For Halloween 2017 the stage in Polynesia will undergo a transformation. The legendary beach of this theme area will become the backdrop where our fantastic dancers invoke the spirit of the great voices in music around an immense throne in the shape of a skull. The voices of musical legends such as Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Freddie Mercury will ring out in PortAventura Park’s fantastic tribute to great artists throughout the history of music. 

Don’t miss the brand new show for this season performed in the wild setting of our theme park’s Polynesian beach.  Immerse yourself in a terrifyingly fun atmosphere with a unique soundtrack that will transport you to the most important moments in international music. Don’t miss our special tribute to great voices in the history of pop, rock and jazz.  Halloween Escape: Resurrection is a spectacular tribute to the icons of music. Waiting for you!

• From 30 September

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