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La Muerte Viva

La Muerte Viva (The Living Dead) Show

Mexicans have a unique vision of death. Mexican songs and a fusion of folk and modern choreography create the atmosphere for this fiesta which will take place in the cantina in the México area. Join in the celebration; everyone is invited to the party!

La Cantina’s main stage will be filled with Mexican dancers and live singer with a repertoire of Mexican dances, songs and rhythms to present to us the ancient traditions of Day of the Dead, a celebration originating in Mexico.  A totally new show that introduces us to the Mexican way to celebrate Halloween. At Halloween, these artists will liven up the place with a repertoire of Mexican dances, live songs and rhythms that are performed in a representation of La Muerte Viva.  

Enjoy a great meal at La Cantina with unrivalled entertainment, perfect for a family lunch with an authentic Mexican flavour at Port Aventura. Whilst you enjoy delicious Mexican food in La Cantina discover how the dancers are driven by the rhythm of traditional music of the Day of the Dead and how they make their coloured dresses move with the best choreographies from the real heart of Mexico.

A very interesting combination: Viva Mexico and Viva Halloween!

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