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REC © Apocalipsis


Don’t miss out on this year’s Halloween and one of its major new attractions: REC© APOCALIPSIS; the longest enclosed walk of its kind in Europe, thanks to Filmax. Live through a unique experience and the most terrifying moments from the famous REC series of horror films in this new terror walk, exclusive to PortAventura. Be daring and courageous to survive the REC© APOCALIPSIS experience. A 15-minute walk where more than 40 infected characters inspired by the REC film saga emerge from the darkness to walk amongst you, recreating the most famous scenes from the REC films. 5-star terror!

Effects so spectacular that you will not want to go back in. Moments of real panic that can only be experienced in this unique walk. Disorientating laser effects and large cinema screens will transport you to the most terrifying moments of REC© APOCALIPSIS. You will be pursued by monsters and the 15 minutes of this walk will seem like an eternity, a real nightmare from which you cannot awaken. Embark on a creepy and exclusive journey where characters from the beyond will invoke chilling and terrifying sensations. You will be dying to get out of hell.

For only €5, buy your ticket in front of Dino Escape 4D and discover the inexplicable fear of the REC© APOCALIPSIS in this walk created especially for Halloween at PortAventura. 350 m of REC© APOCALIPSIS, unique to PortAventura’s Halloween. Don’t be a coward and don’t miss out!

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