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Vampires show

Let us go back to one of history's darkest periods. Vampires lurk, and they are not alone. PortAventura presents one of the shows that has had the most astounding impact and effect on its spectators. Vampires is a mix of terror, humour, music, incredible tricks and audience participation.

The master of the darkness and his beautiful damsels are not safe in the old Castle of Penitence. A vampire hunter and his assistant are making their way towards the Castle with the intention of slaying them. What will happen? Who will win the battle in this terrifying mystery show?

The battle is about to commence in this show packed with fearsome vampires, beautiful damsels and unknown heroes. Amidst an enigmatic setting you will discover fabulous dance routines and mind-blowing live songs to make you gasp, laugh, applaud and watch in awe. An array of incredible actors, elegant dancers and talented singer will delight the audience. But that's not all! It is likely that at some point in the show, you will be a part of the action too. So, are you ready? Visit PortAventura and let yourself be seduced by Vampires where you will experience first-hand a magical show that has already dazzled so many people.

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