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Ya es Halloween en SésamoAventura

Es Halloween en SésamoAventura show (It’s Halloween in SésamoAventura)

PortAventura has something for everyone, both adults and children, to enjoy as a family a Halloween unlike any other. ¡ES HALLOWEEN EN SÉSAMOAVENTURA! Our friends from Sesame Street are joined by a new character for Halloween at SésamoAventura, Count Von Count, to bring you a show filled with pure fun in which anything is possible.

Enter a town of make-believe and home to the Sesame Street characters. Explore a farm, fly above the town whilst piloting a plane or learn the secrets of SésamoAventura’s great and magic tree. All this, and more, in PortAventura’s family theme area, specially decorated for Halloween. The town will be adorned with typical Halloween decorations for you to enjoy as you explore La Granja de Elmo (Elmo’s Farm), with many different animals. Or board the splendid Tami Tami roller coaster for a good dose of adrenaline. Another ride aimed at adults as well as children is the free-fall El Salto de Blas (Bert’s Jump) where you can select the height of your jump. On CocoPiloto you will fly above the new theme area for a fantastic view over SésamoAventura. The inhabitants of Sesame Street will welcome you, in their own special way, into a magical world that has been festooned to celebrate an unforgettable Halloween.

The Sesame Street characters have taken care of every detail of SésamoAventura to provide each and every visitor with a unique experience. They have been practising their dances for months! Both young-and not so young-will be left wide-eyed in amazement as the friendly characters seen so many times on television come to life to make sure that the whole family has a fantastic time. Get up on your feet and cheer every family on to dance with their favourite characters. An authentic Halloween adventure for the whole family. You will have a great time!

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