The best alchemist returns to PortAventura to surprise audiences with new soap bubble tricks.

Type of Show​: Educational

Express access

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility ​See guide for times

Soap bubbles look deceptively simple to create, but do you think you know everything about the science behind this art? What about your children?

In the educational show Bubblebou, our alchemist has a great time creating bubbles of all sizes and colours, from thousands of smaller bubbles to the biggest soap bubble you have ever seen.

PortAventura World is home to one of the best alchemists, who will surprise you with spectacular numbers, never before seen, with the help of just a little bit of soap and lots and lots of imagination!

He takes a small pool filled with water, some soap and, using the tools at his disposal, creates bubbles of all sizes: from thousands of tiny bubbles that fill PortAventura Park’s Templo Mágico to the most enormous soap bubble you have ever seen.

What does it feel like to be inside a bubble? Is it possible to be inside a bubble without it bursting? To try and answer these questions, the alchemist will ask for assistance from a brave member of the audience. Will you be the chosen one?

Don’t wait a moment longer. Discover the secrets of soap bubbles and marvel at the great diversity of shapes and sizes they can take on. Are you curious? Don’t miss it. Only at the Templo Mágico of China in PortAventura Park!

Watch Bubblebou and be surprised by this show full of magic and creativity, creating a unique atmosphere at PortAventura Park. You will leave the theatre inside a bubble of happiness!

And remember, with the Express Passes that you can buy in the park or in the PortAventura World hotels, you will have access to preferential seats in the show Bubblebou. Speak to the member of staff in charge of admission.

Times: 15:00 – 17:00 – 19:30

Until: 07/09/2019
See guide for times



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