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Robots Invasion

Robots Invasion Show

A mysterious flying saucer has crashed in the Yucatan plaza. From it, descend 4 incredible robots and an alien. They have come to PortAventura Park because they need the help of your family in order to return home. A fast-paced adventure that has to be experienced to be believed.

The spaceship has ended up at the theme park due to a malfunction. Its passengers are lost and far away from home. They have miraculously landed in the Yucatan plaza after a long journey through space, exploring the universe and discovering the planets and constellations that surround us.

 Take part in this exciting adventure and help the new visitors to PortAventura Park to discover the worlds of the resort while helping them repair their ship for the return home. Do not miss this show and experience a unique journey where you will discover a new world of robots and aliens. Are you ready to experience an incredible interactive adventure?

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