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ElDerbi de Madrid is synonymous with emotion, and never has it been truer than this season. Los colchoneros will give everything they have to defeat their biggest rival —current holders of LaLiga and the Champions League— Real Madrid. It is sure to be an intense game, where both sides will fight tooth and nail for the three points and prove that they are favourites for the league title.

When is the game? Gameweeks 6 (18/09) and 26 (26/02)

As soon as the fixture list comes out, el Clásico is the game that everyone looks for. People all over the world get together to enjoy this feast of football featuring two of the best sides on the planet. This season’s Clásico promises to be particularly interesting, with Xavi’s side keen to prove their worth. After a trophyless season in which they finished a distant second place behind their main rivals, Barça will want to show that they’re a force to be reckoned with by beating the title holders.

When is the game? Gameweeks 9 (16/10) and 26 (19/03)

If you enjoy watching football as it’s supposed to be played, make sure you catch this fixture at PortAventura World’s LaLiga bar, featuring two sides who play some of the best football in the league. Manuel Pellegrini’s side have largely the same group of players that challenged for Champions League qualification last season, while La Real have retained their stars and also made some promising signings.

When is the game? Gameweeks 12 (30/10) and 31 (26/04)

All derby games are emotionally-charged affairs, but there are very few derbies on the planet that come close to rivalling ElGranDerbi in this regard. Form goes out of the window for this game, with both sides sure to leave everything on the pitch to secure a win for their passionate fans. With both teams looking to qualify for next season’s Champions League, they’ll give everything they’ve got to secure that all-important win over their local rivals.

When is the game? Gameweeks 13 (6/11) and 35 (21/05)

You’ll also be able to watch ElDerbi de Barcelona at PortAventura World’s LaLiga bar. It will be an exciting affair in which both sides will only have one thing on their mind: winning. Xavi’s side will attempt to secure all three points with their iconic ‘tiki-taka’ possession style. Espanyol, having recently changed their coach, are something of a mystery. Their playing style and approach to big matches remains to be seen. But, if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that the fixture won’t be lacking in emotion.

When is the game? Gameweeks 15 (31/12) and 34 (14/05)

Villareal haven’t stopped making history since their promotion to the top division, and they are now Valencia’s main rival in the Valencian Community. These are two teams with contrasting playing styles but with similar aspirations, which means their head-to-heads will be both exciting and spectacular in equal measure.

When is the game? Gameweeks 15 (31/12) and 33 (03/05)

Both clubs consider Real Madrid to be their biggest rival, but that doesn’t make this clash any less fierce. Barça and Atleti have great players and, historically, clashes between these two teams have been exciting matches with a flurry of goals. And yes, you’ll be able to watch this match at PortAventura World’s LaLiga bar too!

When is the game? Gameweeks 16 (08/01) and 30 (23/04)

As you might have noticed, we at PortAventura World’s LaLiga bar love derby matches, and ElDerbi Vasco is no exception. Los leones are a tough and physical outfit who are renowned for fighting for every ball, while the txuri-urdin, despite playing a more possession-based style, won’t allow themselves to be out-fought by their opponents from Bilbao. This is another must-watch game from this upcoming season.

When is the game? Gameweeks 17 (14/01) and 29 (16/04)

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