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Are you a fan of both football and PortAventura World? Then you’re going to love this. LaLiga, PortAventura World and Kosmos have joined forces to create an experience that you’ve never seen before: The Beat Challenge. A video game in which, through augmented reality, you can play inside and outside the park!

But that’s not all, there’s also a LaLiga-themed restaurant: LaLiga TwentyNine’s.

The first in the world!

La Liga PortAventura

Can you tell me more about this new experience from PortAventura World and LaLiga?

More than a video game

You may wonder: how does this augmented reality football video game actually work? First you need to download the app, The Beat Challenge, to create an avatar and select your favourite team. You’ll come across different challenges throughout the game, combining minigames with virtual reality and competing against users from all over the planet. Do you know the best thing about it? That you can unlock all the experiences by playing inside the park! Becoming a LaLiga legend has never been so much fun.

Complete the experience with LaLiga TwentyNine’s

Did you really think that was everything? There’s even a gastronomic experience at LaLiga TwentyNine’s: the first LaLiga-themed restaurant that you can enjoy at PortAventura World.

We'll give you a guided tour!

La Liga PortAventura

Make an entrance

You’ll walk through the changing room and players’ tunnel, as all great footballers do when they go out onto the pitch, and arrive at the Beat Center, an area where the LaLiga Santander shirts are on display.

La Liga PortAventura

Enjoy football with the five senses

1929 was the year in which this football competition was founded in Spain and it gives its name to our restaurant, which has a bar as well as the dining area. There’s even a terrace for when the weather’s nice! In addition, it is all decorated with collector’s items from LaLiga players and teams.

La Liga PortAventura

Live and online sports

You will be able to get excited for the season’s most important matches of the season in the company of your friends and family, either from the table or in a spectacular area with stands. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And if that weren’t enough, there’s also an eLaLiga zone with Play Station 5 and FIFA 22. Wow!

La Liga PortAventura

The Beat Challenge

The Beat Challenge Corner

The video game will also have its own special area in LaLiga TwentyNine’s, where you can scan two new markers and become immersed in an augmented reality experience. Amazing!


A photo to remember the experience

Just like all the great players, you can have a photo with the shirt or scarf of your favourite team in our photocall. It will look great on your social media.

What do you think? Impressive, right? Then download the app and start enjoying the augmented reality game brought to you by PortAventura World, LaLiga and Kosmos. And to dine at LaLigaTwentyNine’s, book now and make sure you’ve got your table at the first LaLiga restaurant. We’ll see you soon!

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