Adventurers, 24 October marks the International Day against Climate Change. This date was chosen by the United Nations with the aim of raising awareness throughout society about the importance of acting against the effects caused by pollution, a problem that affects us all.

Although 24 October is an important date on the calendar, at PortAventura World we fight 365 days a year to preserve and take care of our planet. Because we respect and love the world that we call home.

Keep reading to learn about everything we do and join the fight. The Earth needs us!


Waste management

At PortAventura World we take one of the key aspects of environmental protection very seriously: waste management.

We have a designated area where expert professionals are in charge of establishing the necessary strategies and actions for the treatment of waste generated by the resort. From its origin to its disposal or reuse!

To this end, we contract the services of specialist companies that instal containers for the different types of waste, collect it, and transport it to the authorised manager for recovery or disposal.

Leaving no trace is the best way to leave your mark!

Saving water within the resort

Everyone from Woody to each and every team member knows the importance that water has in our lives and how vital it is to manage it correctly. Water is a scarce resource, so we don’t waste a single drop!

A good example of this is that the entire volume of recreational water in the resort, such as the Caribe Aquatic Park pools, is kept in a closed circuit.

The use of the most demanding technological filtering and treatment systems allows us to reuse practically all of the water. Only a small percentage is discharged as wastewater after filtering.

Another great example of the preservation and use of water at the resort is that we have a network that separates wastewater from rainwater. And do you know what we use the latter for? To make sure our lake and wildest water attractions are always ready for action!

Because at PortAventura World emotions and adrenaline are always overflowing, but never water!



We have an energy management system that is controlled by a central computer. This allows us to keep a watchful eye on the elements distributed throughout the parks and hotels that eat up the most energy, avoiding problems and unnecessary consumption.

On the other hand, a large percentage of the electricity that we consume comes from completely renewable sources, for example, from our own photovoltaic plant that was launched in 2023: PortAventura Solar, the largest photovoltaic plant in a tourist complex in Spain!

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We also have resources that help us to save a significant percentage of electricity. Some of these practices are, for example, the use of LED bulbs.

In addition, PortAventura World hotels also have power key cards to switch on electricity in the room, a system that automatically switches off the air conditioning when the windows are opened… and many other features!

Our environmental commitments

We have written our very own Environmental Policy, we hold the prestigious AENOR Zero-Waste Certification, ISO 14001 Certification, and are affiliated with the community eco-management and audit scheme, EMAS. All of these are evidence of our firm commitment and help us to improve year after year.

What about you? Will you join us in our fight to save the environment?

We’ll see you there!