This has been a great season, and it’s all thanks to you and the rest of the adventurers. You have reminded us, once again, that it’s not about where we go or how fast we get there, but that we want to have unforgettable adventures together.

Do you remember those screams of excitement on Dragon Khan? And on Shambhala? How your heart raced on Red Force? Or how you were delighted to get soaking wet on Tutuki Splash? It was also great to see you smile at the shows and enjoy all the surprises we prepared throughout the year.

Your love for adventure is our driving force and, therefore, this year, week after week and day after day, we have strived to improve ourselves in everything we do. We have innovated for each new season so that you could live a unique experience and so that each time you returned, your adventure would be even better.

We have been sharing emotions, laughter, and adrenaline with all of you for more than twenty-five years, and there will be many more. More intense and more memorable.

We know that the bar is getting higher, but what would an adventure be without challenges to overcome?

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Thanks also to our team

Without adventurers, all these unique experiences would not be possible, but without the people who make up the PortAventura World team, they would be unthinkable.

Their work, dedication, effort and love for adventure are what make all these unforgettable moments happen. Without each and every one of them, Halloween would not be Halloween, there would be no Christmas, no Easter Celebration, and you could forget summer.

They are the ones that make PortAventura World what it is today and that make us improve ourselves every year.


If 2022 has been unforgettable, 2023 will be even better

The season at PortAventura World is over, but the adventure will continue in the 2023 season and it will be even better. Carnival will arrive full of party spirit and joy, we will bring to life a new ride, we will open our solar plant to be more sustainable, and we will surprise you with many other new additions that will be gradually revealed.

We are moved by the love of adventure, an adventure that, with you, is a better adventure.


Do you fancy a new adventure this 2023?

Let’s experience it together!