A new season of the Formula 1 World Championship is about to begin and, just like last year, you can experience all the action at LaLiga TwentyNine’s bar at PortAventura World, where the emotion of the most exciting races is combined with tasty food that is sure to get your motor running.

So, if you’re a high-speed fanatic and you’re wondering where to watch the Formula 1, we highly recommend you do it with us. And even more so with everything this new season has to offer.


A season full of changes

The start of the season is always full of changes and this year will be no exception. First of all, it will be the longest championship in history. It has gone from 22 Grand Prix races to 23, with the addition of the Las Vegas Grand Prix and the return of Azerbaijan and Qatar.

There will also be six sprint races, so the spectacularity and excitement will be even greater in the “Grand Circus”, so they call it.

In addition, there have been several movements regarding the line-up of drivers, so it will be very interesting to see how they adapt to their new single seaters. Among the most significant, Fernando Alonso’s debut with Aston Martin sparks a lot of interest, as we wonder if this is finally going to be his big year.

Something else worth mentioning is that this year the pre-season has been very short. This means the cars and the drivers will still be evolving throughout the first few races so we will have to wait a bit before we are able to make any good predictions.


At PortAventura World we are clear who we are supporting

Besides wondering where to watch the Formula 1, you may also be wondering who we are supporting. And we’re not going to hide it: naturally we’re with Ferrari.

Last season was spectacular for the Cavallino Rampante. They claimed second place in the Constructors’ Championship, whilst in the Drivers’ Championship, Leclerc finished as runner-up and Sainz in fifth place.

We are more than convinced that last year’s hard work will be rewarded in 2023 and that, finally, our favourite team will be back at the top of the final podium.

We don’t want to put any pressure on you, but… if you visit PortAventura World and you are a lover of speed, we think you should become a Ferrari fan too. At Ferrari Land, not only can you experience what it is like to be a Ferrari driver, but you can also discover the long and exciting history of a unique team.


Now you know where to watch the Formula 1, but which Grand Prix races are actually being shown at LaLiga TwentyNine’s bar?

At LaLiga TwentyNine’s bar at PortAventura World you can watch no less than 20 of the 23 Grand Prix races of the season. And you can do it surrounded by the best atmosphere while enjoying the best food.

And even if you are not a Ferrari fan (we can’t all be perfect), you will still enjoy an incredible experience that you will never forget. And we are sure you will want to come back for more!

Monaco, Montmeló, Silverstone and most of the other great circuits of the season are waiting for you on our screens. Here is our calendar:

  • Bahrain GP:

    Sunday 5 March at 16:00

  • Saudi Arabian GP:

    Sunday 19 March at 18:00

  • Azerbaijan GP:

    Sunday 30 April at 13:00

  • Miami GP:

    Sunday 7 May at 21:30

  • Emilia Romagna GP:

    Sunday 21 May at 15:00

  • Canadian GP:

    Sunday 28 May at 15:00

  • Spanish GP:

    Sunday 4 June at 15:00

  • Canadian GP:

    Sunday 18 June at 20:00

  • Austrian GP:

    Sunday 2 July at 15:00

  • British GP:

    Sunday 9 July at 16:00

  • Hungarian GP:

    Sunday 23 July at 15:00

  • Belgian GP:

    Sunday 30 July at 15:00

  • Dutch GP:

    Sunday 27 August at 15:00

  • Italian GP:

    Sunday 3 September at 15:00

  • Singapore GP:

    Sunday 17 September at 14:00

  • Qatar GP:

    Sunday 8 October at 16:00

  • United States GP:

    Sunday 22 October at 21:00

  • Mexican GP:

    Sunday 29 October at 21:00

  • Brazilian GP:

    Sunday 5 November at 18:00

  • Abu Dhabi GP:

    Sunday 26 November at 14:00

If you aren’t sure where to watch the Formula 1, the doors at LaLiga TwentyNine’s bar are wide open for you

This season promises to be one of the most exciting in recent years. With the addition of new Grand Prix races, certain drivers adjusting to new cars, and the preparation of the teams, this year’s competition is set to be closer than ever.

So, if you weren’t sure where to watch the Formula 1 this year, you certainly should be now, regardless of whether you are a Ferrari fan or not. Because at PortAventura World, even as Ferrari fans, above all, we are lovers of speed and adrenaline.


The motors are about to start.

Come and listen to them at LaLiga TwentyNine’s bar.