Can you imagine taking control of a Cavallino Rampante, becoming a Formula 1 driver and feeling just like one of the great champions such as Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, or Juan Manuel Fangio? Well, in PortAventura World’s Ferrari Land park, what once seemed an incredible dream is now a reality.

On the attractions of the first Ferrari theme park in Europe, both adults and children can experience sensations that until recently were reserved for the professionals. Feel the emotions rise before setting off, the nerves knotting your stomach when pressing the accelerator, and your heart pounding as you go at full speed.


Race on a real circuit and thrash your rivals in the Ferrari Land simulator

You can’t become a real F1 driver without driving around a historic circuit. Ferrari Land’s Pole Position Challenge simulator gives you the opportunity to do this, so that you feel like a true legend.

Are you ready to put Ferrari Land’s F1 simulator to the test? Show off your skills behind the wheel as you take on some of the most iconic turns, reach 300 km per hour just like the greats, emulate some of the most memorable fast laps, and demonstrate your epic bravery to become one of the best drivers that has taken on one of the eight single-seaters here in this space.

In addition, in this Ferrari simulator you will compete against every other driver in that room. Rivals who, like you, want to experience the thrill of getting into a Formula 1 single-seater and achieving glory.

If you want, you can also compete against your friends, if you have any friends on the track, of course. 😉 All you have to do is go in together, get into your cars, feel the pre-race nerves and see who is the best driver of all time in your group.


Take Pole Position

Since Ferrari Land was first opened, great drivers have taken on the challenge of the F1 simulator and set incredible records. They have climbed into the car, pressed down on the accelerator, and achieved what seemed unthinkable.

We know it will be difficult, but we challenge you to beat them. If there is one thing that the great Ferrari drivers have in common, it is to make what once seemed impossible come true.


Discover how great champions feel

To be a great Formula 1 driver and, more specifically, a great Ferrari driver, it’s not just about driving well, but also about feeling emotions. And so that you know how a great driver with this historic motor racing team feels, besides the F1 simulator, Ferrari Land has several attractions that will make you experience sensations that you have never experienced before.

Would you like to know what it feels like to go from 0 to 180 km per hour in just five seconds? On Red Force you can find out, and discover just how fast your heart can beat. Would you like to know how high you can raise your adrenaline levels? Then hop on Thrill Towers and you can feel the same way a pilot feels when they put the pedal to the metal. You can even experience the sensation of reaching top speed in Racing Legends!


A champion doesn’t just drive

Races are often won because of small details and one of these details is the work that the mechanics do. To pay tribute to them, but also so that you can feel the same adrenaline rush and emotions that you will not be able to experience as a driver, we have created Pit Stop Record.

Enter this space where, in addition to becoming acquainted with the most fun boxes, you can show that your team is the fastest in the pit lane. Fit the tyres of a Formula 1 in the shortest time possible and unleash your competitive side.


Learn about the history of a historic motor racing team

Ferrari is the team that it has become today because since the time that Enzo Ferrari founded the brand, it has never stopped making history. An exciting story that will last forever and, if you are a real Ferrari lover with engine oil running through your veins instead of blood, one that you should not miss.

To find out more, you can visit the Ferrari Land Gallery, an area inside the Ferrari Experience building where you can take an interactive journey through the brand’s history and discover interesting facts that we bet you didn’t already know.


Are you ready to make your Ferrari Land debut?

Since it opened in 2017, Ferrari Land has received thousands of visitors. All of them are part of its history and many have fulfilled their dream of feeling like a driver for a day on Ferrari Land’s attractions. The question is…