Rides and games

Prepare to feel your heart racing and your passion overflowing. Let speed take over as you accelerate from 0 to 180 km/h in just 5 seconds.

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Red Force

Challenge the wind
 112 metres high. Feel the speed as you accelerate from 0 to 180 km/h in 5 seconds with a force of 1.3 g.

Crazy Pistons

Fly over. Feel the force of a real Ferrari as you spin like pistons inside its engine. Fantastically good fun! Have fun spinning around the axes of Crazy Pistons.

Thrill Towers: Free fall tower

Feel the adrenaline rising as you experience a sheer drop.

Junior Red Force

In Ferrari Land you’ll also find Junior Red Force, a roller coaster especially for the little ones. This mini roller coaster, heir to the iconic Red Force, allows children to experience pure adrenaline.

Thrill Towers: Bounce-back tower

Discover the bidirectional movements of a Ferrari's pistons as they fling you up and down.

Kids' Tower

Children’s free fall tower. 9 metres of bounce-back, twists and free fall for kids to experience the same sensations as the adults! Go up, down and around without stopping on Kids' Tower.

Maranello Grand Race

Compete against your family in a 570 metre racing track.

Champions Race

The great competition. Enjoy family fun in a replica of the legendary Ferrari Testarossa 250. Who will win? On Champions Race you’ll feel like you’re driving a Ferrari classic, the Testarossa 250.

Ferrari Land Gallery

A journey through the history of Ferrari.
 In this impressive space within the Ferrari Experience building, you will embark on an interactive journey in which you will discover the details of the story behind the legendary Italian Scuderia.

Flying Race

Pilot your own plane and fly amongst the clouds on Flying Race. Discover the fascinating story behind the birth of the Cavallino Rampante. 

Racing Legends

A journey through time with Scuderia Ferrari
 Live the F1™experience from within the Ferrari Experience building; the heart of Ferrari Land. Step into the central dome and feel the F1™ adrenaline.

Flying Dreams

Around the world with Ferrari
 Travel the entire world in one extraordinary trip. Experience how this amazing journey would feel in a Ferrari GT.

Junior Championship

Have the time of your life with your nearest and dearest as you drift around each corner.

Kids' Podium

Have a great time with the little ones.

Pole Position Challenge*

Feel like a real professional racer as you drive an authentic F1™simulator. 

*Game requires additional payment. Subject to availability

Pit Stop Record

Put yourself in the shoes of a real Ferrari Land pit stop mechanic and show off your skills!




NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRES: Don’t make plans for dinner, you might just be the main course!