Easter at PortAventura World

Easter is the perfect occasion to plan a family getaway, and what better destination than PortAventura World? During these days, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience in each and every corner of our parks, which this season also feature a show schedule full of surprises.

With the resort just opened after the winter months, PortAventura World awaits your visit with lots of new additions for you to enjoy some dreamy days. Join us and enjoy Easter in the PortAventura World theme parks.


The shows at PortAventura Park have never ceased to amaze our visitors and this Easter is not going to be any different. Enter and discover what shows you can watch during these dates and plan your stay.


Between 8 April and 8 May, discover our brand new Easter Celebration for 2022 and celebrate spring like never before at PortAventura World.


Inaugura la temporada de PortAventura World con nuestras promociones para entradas y hoteles. Elige la opción que mejor se adapta a tus planes. ¡Ven a visitarnos con estos precios especiales!

Easter at the PortAventura World theme parks

Easter at the PortAventura World theme parks is the best plan of action for these holidays. A unique opportunity to enjoy time in the company of the whole family and in an environment designed to make sure that you have a great time. Here you can find attractions for all ages and all tastes!


We recommend purchasing a combined ticket for PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land so that you can make the most of this experience with your family.


Thanks to the holidays, you will have more time to really explore all the areas of PortAventura World and not miss any of the shows in both PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land. You'll be amazed by what we have prepared for you this season!


Enjoy exclusive activities and shows for Easter at the PortAventura World theme parks

At PortAventura World we are committed to constant innovation and offering new forms of entertainment to all of our visitors. This Easter in the amusement parks includes numerous activities and shows, the likes of which you have never seen before. Get your ticket for Easter at the PortAventura World theme parks right now and enjoy the adventure! In PortAventura Park you will have fun like never before as you travel through different worlds, which are home to iconic attractions such as the legendary Dragon Khan.


Remember that we have multiple discounts and options with hotel included to create the perfect trip where you will not waste a single second of your time. 4- and 5-star hotels that will give you a unique experience at the resort. On our website you can find the best prices and discounts for you to enjoy Easter at the PortAventura World theme parks. Fun has no limits!

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