Use your water gun to shoot down all the obstacles in your path as you cross the jungle and step ashore a real hero after your naval battle victory.

  • Gentle ride
  • Minimum height to ride alone: 1.30 m
  • Minimum height to ride with an adult: Under 1.30 m
  • Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
  • Photoride
  • Express access
Step aboard a boat in the temple and begin your jungle adventure, where your most trusty weapon will be your gun. Shoot at all the animals you see to free your path and travel along the channel of water until you enter a real village, where you will have to continue shooting at targets so that the inhabitants let you past.
But that's not all. When you reach the most meandering point of the journey, the boats will come together and the final battle will commence. In this skirmish, other boats and people from the banks and beaches will shoot at you with their water guns to make it impossible for you to come ashore.
Are you ready for this adventure?

Height requirements

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