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The PortAventura's Stampida ride is much more than a wooden roller coaster; it replicates the system that the first settlers used to gain possession of a piece of land: the land belongs to whoever gets there first!

Far West

Thrill ride

Minimum height: 1.20 m


Express access

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
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In the outskirts of the town of Penitence, in PortAventura World, lies the spectacular Stampida, a wooden roller coaster built by the Connery and Cranberry families. Each family is represented by a red and blue wagon, respectively. Duels were fought in these wagons to acquire new land.
This 1-km long ride featuring climbs and descents will leave you breathless as you travel at 70 km/h. The ground begins to shake and a cloud of dust blows up in the distance... Run as fast as you can to get there first!

Height requirements

Do you know why a different wagon wins the Stampida races each time?


Dragon Khan


Furius Baco