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El Diablo - Tren de la Mina

Ride through the El Diablo mine at top speed in an authentic wooden railway carriage and be sure to take in every single detail.


Moderate ride

Minimum height to ride alone: 1.40 m

Minimum height to ride with an adult: 1.10 m


Express access

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
El Diablo - Tren de la Mina
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To this day, the original wooden railway carriages continue to operate and Tren de la Mina travels at top speed along the same fascinating journey that it made years ago, when it was loaded with the Mexican silver that these missing workers once mined.
Now, it is El Diablo himself driving the train and who will take you to see the most exciting corners of this journey, but be sure to pay attention to every detail of your surroundings. 
Will you manage to go deep into the mine without forgetting a single part of the journey?

Height requirements


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