Mariposas Saltarinas

Pedal hard to move the wings of the SésamoAventura Mariposas Saltarinas; flyhigh filling the sky with amazing colours.


Children’s ride

Minimum height to ride alone: 1.30 m

Minimum height to ride with an adult: 1.05 m

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Mariposas Saltarinas
Some very special butterflies have arrived at PortAventura. The Mariposas of SésamoAventura love to fly up and down whilst moving their beautifully-coloured wings, but they need your help and strength to do this.
Grab a friend and climb aboard Mariposas Saltarinas.  Once on the ride, start to pedal hard for the butterflies to start flying. They will harness your pedalling force to rise up into the sky and will enjoy this PortAventura ride just as much as you do.
A handy tip: when you get up to the top give your legs a rest whilst you drop back down, and enjoy the flight!

Height requirements



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