Tea Cups

In the middle of the China PortAventura world, expect to experience your best tea time yet. Come with your whole family!


Children’s ride

Minimum height to ride alone: 1.30 m

Minimum height to ride with an adult: 0.90 m

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Tea Cups
Historically, tea drinking has always played a role in social gatherings in China; here at PortAventura, we have turned this moment into one of the park's most enjoyable rides for children.
You and your whole family can jump inside the same gigantic china tea cup and take control with the steering wheel in the centre to keep you spinning round and round. Don't worry, there's nothing fragile about these tea cups, and fun is guaranteed for both children and adults alike.
Compete with the other tea cups to see who can spin round the most!

Height requirements




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