Frequently asked questions - PortAventura World hotels

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PortAventura World Hotels

At what time can I enter and leave the hotel?
How many days of free access to the park is granted to hotel guests?
Where do I collect tickets to enter PortAventura Park upon arrival? Do I have to go to the hotel or the ticket booths?
We want to stay at one of your hotels but we already have tickets for PortAventura Park, can we book hotel accommodation without tickets?
If we stay at the hotel and want to visit PortAventura Park on only one of the days, would we receive a discount for the days on which we don't visit the park?
From what age do we have to pay for children in PortAventura World?
Are pets allowed in the PortAventura World Hotels?
Are there any pool towels available for use at PortAventura World Hotels?
Is there somewhere I can store my luggage if I arrive at the hotel before the room is ready?
Is it possible to arrange to have a birthday cake if I am staying at a PortAventura World hotel?
Is there any entertainment and shows at the PortAventura World Hotels?
What should I do if I lose any personal property in PortAventura World?
Is parking available at the hotels?
How does Parking Caravaning work?
Is smoking allowed in the resort?