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Furius Baco

Discover PortAventura's incredible horizontal catapult that flings you at 135 km/h in just 3 seconds.

Port de la Drassana

Join us on board as we set sail on a journey to ancient China.


Estació del Nord

Don't miss your chance to hop on this steam train heading for the Far West.


Tutuki Splash

Experience the rage of the volcanic eruption and brace yourself for a cool escape.



A ride that lets little ones experience the excitement of the Polynesia jungle too.



Only the Kontiki catamaran can stand up to the rage of a storm in Polynesia. Join the expedition and resist the turbulence of a real tropical storm.


Measuring 76 metres tall, this roller coaster boasts the longest drop and is the highest in PortAventura Park.


Dragon Khan

An icon for all roller coasters: 8 loops and more than 110 km/h of speed will make Dragon Khan a sure temptation as soon as you lay eyes on it.
Angkor - China


Use your water gun to shoot down all the obstacles in your path as you cross the jungle and step ashore a real hero.

Waitan Port

Waitan Port is a pleasant boat ride that will take you from PortAventura China to PortAventura Mediterrània.

Cobra Imperial

Cobra Imperial of PortAventura China is one of the symbols of this theme area and is designed with little ones in mind.

Tea Cups

The giant tea cups of this PortAventura World ride are waiting for you and your family to hop on to go for a spin.

Área Infantil

The playground in PortAventura is filled with attractions for little ones to make up their own games and adventures.


A dragon-headed serpent will greet you as you enter México PortAventura. Will you be strong enough to survive as it spins you round and round?

Los Potrillos

These friendly, rebellious Mexican ponies will take little ones on a journey through the thick vegetation of the most exotic lands of México PortAventura.


These fun Mexican animals are dressed in all their finery ready to take little ones on a pleasant stroll around colonial México PortAventura.

Serpiente Emplumada

Join the ceremonial ritual and spin around this sacred totem pole on the back of Serpiente Emplumada and experience all the ups and downs of this powerful ride in PortAventura's México area.

Hurakan Condor

With a 100-metre long free fall, this ride is only suitable for the most courageous of México PortAventura's visitors.

El Diablo - Tren de la Mina

Ride through the El Diablo mine at top speed in an authentic wooden railway carriage and be sure to take in every single detail.

El Secreto de los Mayas

El Secreto de los Mayas is a 175 m2 maze of sensations and visual effects which is possessed by the Mayan gods who will put your PortAventura World explorer skills to the test.
Buffalo Rodeos - Far West
Far West

Buffalo Rodeo

Learn the art of rodeo and ride your very own buffalo in this attraction in the Far West world of PortAventura, where it’s all about the survival of the fittest.
Silver River Flume - Far West
Far West

Silver River Flume

Hop aboard a fun felled tree and cool down in this entertaining ride to the sawmill in PortAventura World.
Penitence Station - Far West
Far West

Penitence Station

All aboard! The train is about to leave from Penitence Station on a fascinating journey through the whole PortAventura theme park!
Tomahawk - Far West
Far West


The frenetic climbs and descents of this children's ride will test anyone's courage who dares to brave the Tomahawk roller coaster.
Laberinto Blacksmith - Far West
Far West

Laberinto BlackSmith

Despite the passage of time and lack of use, the old run-down Laberinto BlackSmith maze is still standing. Dare to enter and unravel all of its mysteries!
Far West

Grand Canyon Rapids

Prepare yourself for an invigorating ride over the rapids of the wild Colorado River in this exciting attraction from the Far West world of PortAventura.
Far West


In the heart of a far-off town lies PortAventura Park's Carousel, the famous merry-go-round for children and adults alike.
Far West

Wild Buffalos

Learn to drive these out-of-control bumper cars and compete with the rest of the town's inhabitants to win the title of Wild Buffalos PortAventura Rodeo Champion.
Far West


The PortAventura's Stampida ride is much more than a wooden roller coaster; it replicates the system that the first settlers used to gain possession of a piece of land: the land belongs to whoever gets there first!
Far West


Show who's boss and challenge the VolPaiute tribe. Dare to brave this spinning ride of PortAventura World!
Far West

Crazy Barrels

Crazy Barrels is a fun filled attraction with plenty of surprises in store! These mad barrels won’t stop spinning you as you feel them getting faster and faster.

Tami Tami

Of all the SésamoAventura attractions, this is the only roller coaster for kids, but not exclusively! Let yourself go and experience the adrenaline rush of this tailor-made PortAventura World attraction.
Atracciones dark ride

Street Mission

Detective Grover is on a secret mission and to carry it out he needs the help of brave and fearless families who are ready to experience a thousand and one adventures!


La Granja de Elmo

Elmo has gathered the nicest animals together in a hilarious SésamoAventura attraction where you can meet them whilst you take a fun ride.

Coco Piloto

Coco Piloto is a ride in the SésamoAventura area invented by Grover himself. This ride lets you explore the theme park from above as you fly a fun plane.

Mariposas Saltarinas

Pedal hard to move the wings of the SésamoAventura dancing butterflies; fly high filling the sky with amazing colours.

Magic Fish

Imagine a place where you could ride on the back of a fish and go skidding along the water. Now you can at PortAventura's fun Magic Fish ride for children.

El Huerto Encantado

In El Huerto Encantado of PortAventura Resort, a myriad of intertwining slides and games for children let little ones go on real adventures.


The mischievous seats in this new family area are waiting for the bravest explorers to sit on them and start to feel as though they are flying in the skies above PortAventura World.

Kiddie Dragons

We have no doubt that you're an intrepid adventurer so get the kids to come and experience the sensations of the children’s attraction Kiddie Dragons.

El Salto de Blas

Bert has built his own attraction in SésamoAventura, inspired by Hurakan Condor. The difference is that you get to decide how high up the tower you want to go, and then drop!

El Árbol Mágico

In the centre of the new family area in PortAventura theme park stands the symbol of SésamoAventura; the funny El Árbol Mágico welcomes all visitors to this area created by the friendly Sesame Street characters.

SésamoAventura Station

Quick, grab your luggage and jump aboard the PortAventura's old steam engine. The train will set off as soon as the whistle blows. An unforgettable journey awaits you at the PortAventura theme park that you won't want to miss.

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