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If you want to be part of the PortAventura World team inside or outside the park, send us your CV

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PortAventura offers a range of social benefits and services. By working with us you will have access to employee allowances: transport, staff canteens, Internet access, etc.

Our focus is on internal promotion. Each time a vacancy for a top-level post opens up our employees are the first to be given the opportunity to apply, a policy that promotes both professional and personal development.


Important notice: We have updated the "Work with us" section on the PortAventura World website!

  • If you uploaded your CV before 22/03/2018, to gain access to your data and apply for job vacancies, you must retrieve your password using the link: “Have you forgotten your password?
  • Then you must enter the email address with which you registered your CV so that we can send you a message with a link for you to set a new password (your user name is your email address).
  • If you have any access problems, you can refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, which you will find on this page.
  • Now you can attach your CV, as well as other additional documents that you want to provide to us (transcript, degree certificate, letter of recommendation, etc.) up to a maximum size of 30 MB in total.


Work with us

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