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Tiendas - Records Mediterrània 3

Records de PortAventura

At Records de PortAventura Park, you will find an endless array of souvenirs to make your trip truly unforgettable.


Dolços i més

Add a touch of sweetness to your trip with your favourite treats: you'll find all the sweets you could possibly imagine at Dolços i més.


Mas Fonoll

Mas Fonoll is your last chance before leaving the park to take an unforgettable memory of PortAventura home with you.


Fotografía Furius Baco

Bring home the best memory of the emotions you experienced on this ride. Collect your photos and videos after your fun-filled ride on Furius Baco.


La Botigueta

There's no need to worry if you’ve forgotten your camera or if you’re missing some camera equipment; just go to La Botigueta.

Surf Paradise - Distributiva

Surf Paradise

Surf the waves kitted out in the best of summer fashion, available all-year-round at our shop, Surf Paradise; complete your wardrobe with our selection of modern summer clothes. Here you will find lots of crafts and other PortAventura souvenirs all the way from the magnificent and exotic Polynesia, as well as bathroom products and other imported items.


Fotografía Tutuki Splash

Keep the excitement of your favourite rides alive forever in a picture. This is an ideal souvenir to take home to ensure that your experience remains an unforgettable one.


Dino Escape 4D Shop

Take away your favourite memory after having some fun, and choose the items from characters that will best remind you of your experience at our theme park. Do not hesitate to visit us as you leave the attraction! 


Escuela de Conducción Kids&Cars

At the Driving School, you'll learn how to drive on the circuit in a fun way that is completely safe. Show off your driving skills and learn to follow the highway code.


Aventura Oriental

At our souvenir shop, Aventura Oriental, we have everything you need to ensure that you never forget your day at PortAventura. Here you can find a myriad of character-themed products and T-shirts with the theme park logo.


Lotus Palace

Follow Marco Polo's example and take curious artefacts and products away with you from the exotic places that you visited in PortAventura China, straight from ancient Imperial China itself.


Sarpang Shop

The mythical attraction's shop stocks all kinds of souvenirs so you can take home all the memories you want of rides like Dragon Khan and Shambhala.


Fotografía Dragon Khan

Do you want to see what your face looked like as you went around one of the loops on Dragon Khan? In this shop you can choose the best snapshot of yourself as an adventurer and take it home in your preferred format.


Timbu – Photoride

After one of the most exciting experiences of your life, surely you won't want to forget what it was like on your Shambhala ride. And what better way than a photo to keep the memory alive of the experience of a life time!



Come inside this new Cambodian world and the exotic jungles of Asia. Before you leave, why not take home a souvenir of your experience. Choose from a wide range of handicraft products from the area and souvenirs of the ride.



Here at PortAventura, we've even thought about those moments that will add a touch of sweetness to your experience. That's why at the Taxco shop you can find a wide array of Haribo and PortAventura sweets. Choose your favourite!


Hurakan Condor Shop

At Hurakan Condor Shop you can find a diverse range of products and the best photos of your experience on the ride.



This small city in southern Mexico has made a name for itself with its high quality hand-crafted goods. That is why we've brought the best pieces from its best craftsmen to PortAventura to give you lots of options to choose from. The most authentic Mexican craftsmanship is shaping up for you to test out and choose from, without even having to leave PortAventura México.

Fotografía El Diablo distri

Fotografía El Diablo Tren de la Mina

Take as souvenir the photo with the best pictures from Diablo.

Far West

General Store

Browse through an extensive range of soft-toys featuring all the main characters of the PortAventura Resort, a wide selection of Sesame Street-themed products and hundreds of souvenirs at the General Store.

Western Clothing distributiva
Far West

Western Clothing Company

Next to Penitence Station you can find Western Clothing Company, with the latest and most colourful items from Desigual.

Far West

Fly’s Photograph Studio

Choose the scenery, your favourite outfit and reveal your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Keep the realism of this theme area alive with an unforgettable memory. Discover a new scene!

Grand Canyon Rapids Shop Far West
Far West

Grand Canyon Rapids Shop

Choose the best souvenir of your incredible adventure on the Grand Canyon Rapids or take home some of the characters from PortAventura World.

Far West

Fotografía Stampida

Never forget the excitement you experienced on Stampida with a photograph to keep forever. Have it printed on an endless array of products based on the famous Far West roller coaster.

Far West

Fotografía Silver River Flume

Your last splash on the Silver River Flume will survive forever as a stunning photograph. Find yours at the ride exit and take home a keepsake of your most enjoyable moment.

Far West

Fotografía Grand Canyon Rapids

At the Grand Canyon Rapids photo shop, see yourself dodging the water at top speed, and you'll have photographic evidence to prove it!

Far West

Fotografía Tomahawk

If you have had an amazing time on the Tomahawk ride, as you leave you can purchase your favourite souvenir of this fantastic experience.

casa woody distributiva 600x300
Far West

La Casa de Woody

Visit La Casa de Woody, with thousands of details and curious objects!



Walk into ChikiTienda to find gifts, souvenirs, sweets and many items featuring the quirky Sesame Street characters.  Will you be able to choose just one?


Fotografía La Granja de Elmo

Take home the best souvenir of your time on La Granja de Elmo with a photograph that will immortalise one of your best moments surrounded by farm animals.

Fotografía Tami Tami distri PAW

Fotografía Tami Tami

Take as souvenir the best pictures from Tami-Tami!

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