Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Annual Passes

Private Area

What are the names of the new passes?
From what date can I purchase the new passes?
What is the validity period of the new passes?
Where can I see all the benefits and advantages of the new passes?
Which categories of passes can be purchased on the website and at the Club Office?
What happens to my old Pass?
Where can I see all the information related to my Pass?
Are the new passes available in digital format?
Having a digital Pass is great, but if I want to have a physical Pass, how do I get one?
I have lost my physical Pass and want a new one, what should I do?
What should I do if my contact details change?
Can I change the name or details on a Pass after it has been purchased?
I have an Adventurer Pass and would like to visit PortAventura World on a date that is not available to me. Do I have a discount on the ticket?
How long does it take to activate my Pass after purchase?
Are there special rates for large families?
Where can I see the updated general and purchase terms and conditions for the passes?
What type of documentation must be presented to purchase a Pass for people with disabilities?
I still have some questions. How can I contact PortAventura World's Customer Service?

Payment process

I have an old Pass that is still valid. Can I access the private area?
How can I access the private area?
I don't remember my password to enter the private area. How can I get it back?
What information can I find in my private area?
If I have purchased more than one Pass, will I be able to link them to my account?
Can I buy discounted tickets inside the private area?
Can I make changes to the personal information in my account?
Will my account be deleted from the private area when my Pass expires?


What payment options do I have?
Is online payment safe?
Can I purchase more than one Pass at the same time?
Can I purchase a Pass for someone else?
Can I buy a Pass at any time? For example, in the middle of the season?
Can I upgrade my current Pass?
Can I cancel a Pass after purchase?
What information do I need to provide when purchasing a Pass?
Do I have to purchase my Pass again after one year or will it renew automatically?
Can the Pass be purchased online when the park is closed?
I received an error message during the purchase process. What can I do?
If I renew my Pass before the current Pass expires, when will the new Pass become valid?
I haven't received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?
Can I pay by direct debit?
Can I renew more than one Pass at the same time?


What is Klarna?
How does the “Pay in 3 interest-free instalments” option work?
Can I take advantage of the “Pay in 3 interest-free instalments" option?
Can I make multiple purchases using the payment in 3 instalments option at the same time?
What information do I have to provide when making a purchase?
Will a credit check be carried out?
What happens if I cancel my Pass purchase?
What happens if I don't pay the amount on time?
What happens if I don't pay the amount of my Pass?
I have been redirected to the Klarna website. Is this correct?
Is my payment information protected?
Can I pay before the due date?
Have you received my payment?
I haven't received an e-mail with my statement/payment information.
What do I have to do to log in on the Klarna website or app?
I still have questions about payments with Klarna. Who can I contact?