Online check-in at PortAventura World hotels

You can check-in from 5 days before the arrival date

It’s never been so easy. Make your reservation on our website and check-in within minutes!


Do you want to enjoy everything PortAventura World has to offer as soon as you arrive?

Now you can enjoy the online check-in service for PortAventura World hotels for a quick and easy arrival at the resort. Simply go to the designated reception, give your name and... start enjoying your stay!

Do you want to find out more? No problem! Next, we will detail the entire process so you can benefit from this service.


✔ Who?

This service is available to anyone who has a booking with us at one of the following hotels: PortAventura, El Paso, Gold River, Caribe or Colorado Creek. Check in via our website! If your booking is at Hotel Mansión de Lucy, your check-in will be face-to-face and personalised.

✔ When?

You can check-in  from 5 days before the arrival date. If the booking is made less than 5 days prior to the arrival date, you will need to wait 24 hours before checking in. We recommend checking in 3-5 days before arrival just in case any changes are necessary after making the reservation.


✔ What are the advantages of online check-in?

It speeds ​​up the entire registration process! You don’t have to check-in at reception! You can enjoy your arrival in PortAventura World with all the necessary information, such as maps and times, on your mobile device, and collect your tickets from an exclusive area for this service. Enjoy your PortAventura World experience right from the start!


✔ How does the check-in work?

STEP 1: Select the hotel for which you have made the reservation and complete