Dragon Khan

An icon for all roller coasters: 8 loops and more than 110 km/h of speed will make Dragon Khan a sure temptation as soon as you lay eyes on it. One of PortAventura Resort's most iconic rides.


Thrill ride

Minimum height: 1.40 m

Maximum height: 1.95 m


Express access

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Dragon Khan
The legend tells of a proud prince, Hu, who tried to dethrone the Emperor but did not succeed. As a punishment, the wise gods turned him into an enormous dragon and condemned him to a life of wandering without any direction, for all eternity.
The Dragon Khan ride at PortAventura begins with a descent followed by eight loops which you will pass through in 69 seconds, reaching a speed of up to 110 km/h. 
The impressive appearance of this ride has made it a symbolof PortAventura and of every theme park in Spain, as nothing of its kind had ever been seen before the park opened in 1995. Come and try it for yourself!

Height requirements

Do you know how much force you will be subjected to as you ride on Dragon Khan?



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