Laberinto BlackSmith

Despite the passage of time and lack of use, the old run-down Laberinto BlackSmith maze is still standing. Dare to enter and unravel all of its mysteries!

Laberinto BlackSmith
  • Mild Ride
  • Maximum height 1,40 m
  • Minimum height to ride alone: 1.00 m
  • Minimum height to ride with an adult: under 1.00 m
Laberinto BlackSmith

In this children's attraction, you enter the house of BlackSmith the burglar to explore every one of its rooms and passages. This journey is only for the bravest explorers.

Pluck up the courage to enter this old, run-down maze and help the notorious burglar to keep his hideout secret in an old blacksmith's that has been converted into a restaurant. Meanwhile, solve all the mysteries and find the exit of the Blacksmith maze to free yourself from the nasty surprises that lie in store for you.

You'll find tools for iron forging around the maze that the blacksmith's former owner left behind, as well as abandoned stables where cowboys used to tie up their horses.

Height requirements

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