Hurakan Condor

With a 100-metre long free fall, this ride is only suitable for the most courageous of México PortAventura's visitors.


Thrill ride

Minimum height: 1.40 m

Maximum height: 1.95 m


Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Hurakan Condor

When you arrive in the México PortAventura area, you will see a tall tower that measures more than 100 metres high which make Hurakan Condor the most impressive ride in the park. The God Hurakan will unleash all his rage on any brave explorers that dare to hop on and discover the sensations that he has got in store for them.

Set within the ruins of an ancient Aztec tower covered in hieroglyphics, this ride symbolises the ritual sacrifice to honour the God Hurakan. As you go up, take in the spectacular views over the whole theme park and the Mediterranean coast; but be prepared, because as soon as you reach the top, and when you least expect it, you will be dropped into the void and will experience a feeling that only this god has the power to stop. Do you trust him?

Height requirements

Do you know which city the last stretch of Hurakan Condor is set in?


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