El Secreto de los Mayas

El Secreto de los Mayas is a 175 m2 maze of sensations and visual effects which is possessed by the Mayan gods who will put your PortAventura explorer skills to the  test.


Gentle ride

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
El Secreto de los Mayas
Stimulate your imagination through El Secreto de los Mayas, a 175 m2 maze where nothing is as it seems and where the Mayan gods of PortAventura will put you to the test.
Finishing the maze will not be easy; as soon as you enter the temple you will unleash the gods' rage. Try to overcome all the obstacles, effects and challenges to stop the gods from making you lose all sense of orientation. 
Your mission will be to make it past all the obstacles that lie in your path to reach the maze exit like a great explorer.

Height requirements



Laberinto BlackSmith


El Huerto Encantado