Enjoy our vegan and vegetarian dishes in PortAventura Park's restaurants!

If you want to visit PortAventura World’s theme parks, but follow a diet that is free from products of animal origin, we have good news! We have expanded our range of dining options and now you can enjoy vegetarian and vegan food in PortAventura Park's restaurants!



PortAventura Park restaurants with options for vegans and vegetarians


Eating out can be a challenge if you are vegan or vegetarian ... and even more so if you need to recharge your batteries to be able to enjoy all the attractions of PortAventura World!


In addition to the usual options for visitors with allergies and intolerances, we now have restaurants with menus and food suitable for vegetarians and vegans. If our parks are for everyone, our food should be too!


The main restaurants where you can enjoy vegan and vegetarian options are Bora Bora and The Iron Horse. Ask a member of staff for more information!


Vegan and vegetarian food options at PortAventura Park


If you're wondering exactly what you can eat in the restaurants with options for vegetarians and vegans in PortAventura Park, you should know that the dishes vary depending on the establishment. On the menu you will see a green symbol next to the relevant dishes, so that you can easily identify them.

PortAventura Park's vegetarian dishes include options, with and without animal products, such as breaded rings filled with cheese, corn on the cob or the classic jacket potatoes. Scrumptious! Our vegan dishes do not contain any kind of animal products and include delicious options such as pasta with a vegan Bolognese sauce, rice with vegetables and soy, different types of salads... even a delicious vegan burger with all the trimmings!

Get your ticket and enjoy vegan and vegetarian food in the restaurants of the PortAventura World theme parks!