PortAventura World, 13 March 2020

PortAventura World wishes to inform that the competent health authorities have adopted exceptional measures for the purposes of containing COVID-19, which means that we are obliged to delay opening. We will open when permitted by the health authorities.

PortAventura World will follow all instructions and recommendations resulting from these measures and take the maximum precautions in coordination with the health authorities. For PortAventura World, the health and safety of all our clients, employees and partners is our absolute priority.

For reservations at PortAventura World hotels changes and cancellations will be allowed without penalties until 1 May 2020.

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Tami Tami

Of all the SésamoAventura attractions, this is the only roller coaster for kids, but not exclusively! Let yourself go and experience the adrenaline rush of this tailor-made PortAventura World attraction.


Children’s ride

Minimum height to ride alone: 1.30 m

Minimum height to ride with an adult: 1 m


Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Tami Tami
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Walk through the impressive portico entrance to this new part of PortAventura World and hears the speed at which the fearless Tami Tami travels. It is the only roller coaster in the park for children and designed for young and old alike to feel the adrenaline of its ups and downs.
Be bold and ride one of the most fun children’s attractions in PortAventura Park surrounded by the magical world of SésamoAventura.

Height requirements

Tami Tami


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El Salto de Blas

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Cobra Imperial

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