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Wild Buffalos

Learn to drive these out-of-control bumper cars and compete with the rest of the town's inhabitants to win the title of Wild Buffalos PortAventura Rodeo Champion.

Far West

Moderate ride

Minimum height to ride alone: 1.40 m

Minimum height to ride with an adult: 1 m

Maximum height: 1.95 m

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Wild Buffalos
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In this ride you will have to steer an out-of-control buffalo along an immense track located inside a construction that accurately recreates the bases of the buildings from the old American gold mines. Choose the bravest buffalo and show off your skills as you escape from the stampede of crazed beasts. You'll have to be very daring to not crash into other cowboys!
A real game of strategy where adults and children alike will have plenty of fun as they try to escape from this typical American rodeo in the form of bumper cars.

Height requirements

Wild Buffalos - Far West


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