In our resort, nothing is a result of chance. Everything has been thought out in such a way that you will never forget the experience you are going to have. You will always remember your day (or days) with us, and the emotions from your time here will be re-lived in your mind again and again causing you to smile in such a way that makes it impossible to hide the feeling that you have experienced something incredible.

Because every attraction, every show, every detail and every emotion that you live through are designed to be experienced as you’ve never done before. It is a great adventure, and it will turn into something even more epic if you stay in one of our hotels.

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How are memories made?

One of the most well-known popular phrases is: “We are our memories.” And it is true that we tend to remember the important moments, those that leave an impression on us when we experience something that is truly unique.

Our memory retains the information or the moments that are worth something to us and that have impacted us the most. When we experience or read something important, the brain processes it and stores it for us to remember in the future, and that including sensations.

Of course, those moments are not exactly the same as we remember them, no matter how good they may be. That’s why, when we re-live great moments, such as in PortAventura World, we experience another adrenaline rush just like as if it was the first time.


How are memories made in PortAventura World?

At PortAventura World we want you to experience unique moments that you will not be able to experience anywhere else or at any other moment in time. To do this, our aim is for you to go through something that awakens all your senses making you feel every kind of emotion so that, when you remember them, a huge smile of joy will appear on your face.

That is why we say there are many ways to generate memories in our Resort.


Riding our attractions

People are more likely to remember adrenaline-fuelled experiences more than any others. These are moments of great emotion when the body feels all kinds of sensations that turn that moment into something unique. And these are precisely the kinds of emotions that are generated at rides such as Dragon Khan, Shambhala, Red Force and the large slides and pools of Caribe Aquatic Park.

Your first experiences of them are so intense that, every time you remember them in the future, your feelings are the same or even greater, because you feel that you are living through something extraordinary.


Watching our shows

The moments that generate emotions are always the ones we remember more lucidly. As we want you to have amazing memories of PortAventura World, we are constantly thinking about how to create shows that will excite you and fill you with happiness.

It is for this reason that joy, fun and adventure all play starring roles in our shows. Because when you remember good moments, they become twice as good.


Staying at our hotels

Visiting PortAventura World is an unforgettable experience and you will have a great time, but if you want to have an even more memorable experience, it is best to stay in one of our hotels.

Not only will you have an even bigger adventure, but, in addition, you will be able to discover all the experiences that the Resort can offer you. And more experiences mean more emotions and more memories.


Encountering unexpected surprises

A trip to PortAventura World always brings different adventures. No two occasions are the same as every year is full of new features and every day there are unexpected surprises that you can only discover when you visit us. It is for this reason that every visit to the Resort generates new memories.


PortAventura World: adrenaline that leaves its mark

When you come to PortAventura World, what you experience will not be the result of chance. Excitement, fun and all kinds of surprises await you to create unforgettable memories or re-live them as you’ve never done before.


PortAventura World: Made to remember

Are you ready for a new adventure?