Something very typical of this time of year, which everyone remembers playing their part in, are those small-scale Christmas plays we used to put on at school where we had to dress up and act as shepherds, camels, or even trees!

We at PortAventura World want to make you feel like a wide-eyed child once again through a series of festive shows that will take your breath away filling these holidays with the best fun. In these performances, our cast of expert actors and dancers will bring life to amazing tales set in wonderful wintery landscapes. And of course, the shows will be accompanied by stirring soundtracks and amazing acrobatics!

Keep reading to learn more about some of our best Christmas shows.

Christmas Dream

Christmas Dream is PortAventura World’s newest festive show!

This musical, which is set in Santa Claus’ workshop, has all the ingredients for a truly memorable show, including exquisite stage decoration, extraordinary dancers and moving songs that will stay in your head long after the curtain comes down. There are also plenty of elves and gnomes!

Its plot will captivate you from the opening line and take you into a totally unique wintery world. Trust us, we’re not exaggerating when we shout out into the December skies… THIS IS A MUST-SEE SHOW!


Cuento de Navidad

With December’s cold snap, a frozen lake has appeared inside the Stunt Show Theatre. Even our most experienced cowboys are totally bewildered by its arrival. And when you witness the incredible show performed on the ice in this Far West venue, you’ll be blown away too.

Our cast of captivating dancers and actors, dressed in traditional Lappish attire and ice skates, will tell a charming Christmas tale involving turns, jumps, acrobatics and pirouettes on the ice.

Keep your eyes wide open, as you won’t want to miss a second of this extraordinary show!

Gran fiesta de Navidad

The most Made to Remember Christmas can also be enjoyed in México with the Gran fiesta de Navidad!

Can you imagine sitting down to enjoy a spectacular lunch in our La Cantina restaurant as the lights dim, the excitement builds, and the music starts as a team of entertainers takes to the stage to perform a repertoire of amazing traditional Mexican Christmas songs?

Find out how Christmas is celebrated thousands of miles away right here at PortAventura World!

Christmas Parade

This is the best way to end a fun-packed, fast-paced and adrenaline-fuelled day at PortAventura World! After enjoying all of the exhilarating rides and attractions that our park has to offer, find a spot for you and your loved ones to enjoy the most Christmassy parade that you’re ever likely to see.

Along the main street in Mediterrània, our park’s most Christmassy characters will wave to the crowd from their floats and dance to the Christmas tunes as they wish you a jolly festive period and a happy new year.

If you and your family love elaborate decorations and getting involved in the celebrations, this is the parade for you. Remember to put your hands in the air so that they can see you from the floats!

La llegada de los Emisarios Reales

As night falls, the most amazing fireworks that you could ever hope to see will light up the Mediterrània sky to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

The pages will skate to the tune of Christmas songs on the lake, perform pirouettes on flyboards and, most important of all, collect letters from all the children who have come to welcome them on their arrival!

Have you jotted down everything you’re hoping to receive this Christmas? Do it now if you haven’t done so yet, and don’t miss your chance to meet them!

This is only a handful of our wonderful Christmas shows and there are plenty more waiting for you at our resort.

Don’t wait to hear about them from your friends. Come and experience them for yourself!

We’ll see you there!