There are still a few days until summer officially begins, but the good weather is upon us and we want to cool off, have fun, and jump into the pool. So we’ve decided to open Caribe Aquatic Park. And we’ve done it so that both you and the rest of the family can get in the #MoodAventura and brag about your great summer, before it even arrives! We tell you everything you need to know to have a great time if you’re planning to visit Caribe Aquatic Park with children.

At Caribe Aquatic Park, getting in the #MoodAventura also means getting in the #MoodCaribe

From 4 June to 11 September, you can visit Caribe Aquatic Park and experience all kinds of summer emotions. If you love to chill, then you can do that right here. If you and your family also like adrenaline-charged thrills, then this mood is perfect. Many of Caribe Aquatic Park’s attractions are suitable for everyone.

What is there to do in Caribe Aquatic Park with children?

Getting in the #MoodCaribe is so much more than jumping into the pool

The water slides are a true favourite of the kids that come to Caribe Aquatic Park! But we’re sure that’s not news to you! Caribe Aquatic Park has more than 2 km of slides and covers an area of 50,000 m² where you can make great memories as a family whilst you get in the #MoodCaribe. We’ve thought of everything.


Experience a storm of emotions (or even several)

Just because the weather is good in summer it doesn’t mean that there are no storms in PortAventura World. There are, and they are so much fun.

The first time you find yourself in one, you don’t know what to expect, but then it’s non-stop. The emotions are so strong that you just want to feel them again and again. It may seem incredible, but there’s something for all ages.

Ciclón Tropical is the perfect storm for our older visitors (and the younger ones if they’ve hit a growth spurt). El Tifón is the go-to for all the brave family members who dare to experience a storm that will definitely end in a big splash.


Sail away on a stream of surprises

Most adventurers know that a trip to the Caribbean is synonymous with tropical, crystal-clear waters. But what they don’t know is that these waters are full of unexpected surprises. In the case of Caribe Aquatic Park, these surprises are full of fun.

If you decide to navigate El Río Loco, you will find curtains of water, jets, bubbles, and strange currents, among many other challenges to conquer. But, above all, you will have many refreshing moments that will turn this journey into a great adventure.


Become a pirate

A well-known song says that “A pirate’s life is a wonderful life”. Isn’t that the truth? If you visit Caribe Aquatic Park with children in summer, in addition to not having to work or study, you can live all kinds of adventures while sailing and swimming through paradisiacal waters.

If you want to do something more exciting, like riding the fastest slides, you’ll find them here. If you want to jump overboard to feel the coolness of the water, you can do it here. There’s even a pirate ship where you can be a part of the funniest crew on the seven seas, the Sesame Street® pirate crew!


Take a boat trip

We’ve all wanted to shout “All aboard!” at some point and in Caribe Aquatic Park you have the opportunity to do it. There’s even the chance to join the Sesame Street® pirate crew; just jump onto their ship for lots of stowaway fun.

In addition, there are several attractions with floats where you can shout it from the rooftops when you get on.


Feel like a castaway

If there is an area feared by pirates and sailors, it is, without a doubt, the Bermuda Triangle. That’s because they haven’t visited El Triángulo in Caribe Aquatic Park, where if you let yourself be carried away by the waves it’s like being on a water roller coaster.

Just get ready for a blast from the fort water cannons. Something that on the hottest days of summer you’ll really appreciate… a lot!


Visit Woody’s place

When Caribe Aquatic Park first opened, Woody said “I would like to have my own space here”.  And like the clever woodpecker that he is, he set out to build his own playground so that everyone can have a great time as a family.

The crazy Woody Woodpecker certainly didn’t skimp on fun. Buckets, slides, pipes, swings… he put in everything he could think of.


Enjoy paradise

Caribe Aquatic Park is a paradise for both children and people of all ages, and in every way. Even the little ones have their own pool to relax in and enjoy a moment of peace on Sésamo Beach.

In addition, there is also the Zona Indoor, where you can watch over them while they cause chaos in a relaxed way, restaurants where you can eat with the family and several food stalls where you can take away an ice cream or slushie. The possibilities are endless!


A day in the #MoodCaribe is cool, but more than one day is even better

As you can see, visiting Caribe Aquatic Park with children can be one of the highlights of summer. So if you want to get in this mood, we recommend that you visit us for more than one day to have an unforgettable summer.


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