What makes the best Christmases so special? We assure you that the answer is not gifts. It’s the little moments experienced as a family that we will always remember, and those that we want to share with you.

The 4 most special moments of Christmas

Waking up and it’s Christmas

Waking up to Christmas Day is definitely one of the most special moments. There is no time other than Christmas when we wake up with so much eagerness to start the day. We find it difficult to contain our excitement when thinking about what the day will bring and we do even the most routine things with extra motivation. The whole house is decorated, we are anxious to know if everyone will like our gifts, we look forward to the food we will taste, to seeing the family again… this is Christmas morning.

Before opening the presents…

As we said at the beginning, gifts are not what make these dates special. It is the magic of giving, the mystery of wondering what they have given you, and the children’s excited faces before they start unwrapping the packages. Those are the special moments of Christmas that are truly worth the effort that we all make to bring joy to our family.


Family photos

Those who are reluctant to take selfies may be less convinced by this part, but believe us, it’s definitely worth taking photos of these occasions. All we can say is that our Woody is always ready. Then you can relive each moment and you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling. That is the power of emotions at Christmastime.

Navidad 2

The place where you can experience all this

In PortAventura you will live all these moments. From staying in one of our hotels (where you will wake up in a 100% Christmassy atmosphere) to watching special shows. Because we have the recipe for a very, very exciting Christmas! Come share it with us and see for yourself.