A visit to PortAventura Park is an unforgettable experience, not just because of the rides, but also for its worlds. In them, you will not only be able to feel the adrenaline pumping, you’ll also be able to experience all kinds of emotions and sensations, and feel like an old-time adventurer.

Today, we introduce you to the Far West area, the wildest part of the West and a world where you can live in gold rush times, feel like a real outlaw, or simply have the best time however you choose to do so.

If you want to get to know our Far West, you have to explore it

PortAventura Park’s Far West is one of the favourite worlds of adventurers. And it’s not surprising. With a movie setting, a wide variety of rides, iconic shows, and mouth-watering food, it is a place to stop by that will win the hearts of young and old alike.


Rides not to be missed!

One of the biggest attractions of this world is, without a doubt, its variety and number of rides. Some of them are among the most popular in PortAventura Park and have allowed thousands of adventurers to feel all kinds of emotions.

One of the best known, and a must for lovers of speed and racing, is Stampida and its little sister, Tomahawk. On the first, you have to choose a colour and get on the wagon to feel the speed, which will make you forget that you are supposed to be competing.

Other busy points of interest are Silver River Flume and Grand Canyon Rapids. Especially in summer, when the sun is shining down on everyone. Strong currents and steep drops ensure a good soaking and make these other attractions that many visitors don’t want to miss.

Although they might not be as well known, there are many other rides where you’ll also have a great time and enjoy moments that will turn into memories that you will surely remember, such as Wild Buffalos, Carousel, and Crazy Barrels.


Shows that you’ll want to be a part of

PortAventura World’s Far West is not where you’ll find most of its shows, but the two you can see there are two of the most iconic.

Bang Bang West, with its Hollywood-style stuntmen, has been providing audiences with action for years, wowing them with special effects and eliciting lots of laughter. It is one of the favourites for all audiences and its different variations depending on the season make it a treasure chest of surprises.

The other show that really gives you a feel for the authentic Far West is Can Can West. You can have a drink in the Saloon while you watch two intrepid cowboys compete for the position of sheriff. The wonderful voice of the singer, Rose, and the choreographies of the dance group will awaken your desire to move to the beat of the music.

Food that will make you shout Yee-haw”!

PortAventura World’s Far West is an ideal area to have a good time, and also to take a break and recharge your batteries. Its range of dining options is extremely varied, so there’s something for everyone.

At Jeremias’ Food, the old miners’ dining room, you will find pasta, salads or pizzas, among many other dishes, so you can enjoy a healthy and balanced meal. It’s also suitable for vegans and celiacs, so if that’s you there’s something to suit all your tastes and needs.

If, on the contrary, you prefer the taste of meat and are a fan of American barbecues, The Old Steak House has everything you need, accompanied by the best live country music.

And if you’re more likely to order à la carte, The Iron Horse has a whole host of Madame Lilie’s famous dishes for you to try. Each one is a Far West classic.


This world, and five others, are waiting for you at PortAventura Park

As you can see, PortAventura World’s Far West is a complete adventure that you can’t afford to miss. In this world you will find adventure, action, great shows, and amazing restaurants.

But the Resort has so much more and that’s why we encourage you to visit us and discover all the corners of this and other worlds.


Join us for an unforgettable adventure

or experience it again like never before.