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Far West

Put yourself in the shoes of a real Far West cowboy in our Far West area inspired by the North American culture.

You will travel to a lost town of the Far West. In this world we bring you closer to the Far West with the craziest and funniest rides, restaurants inspired by North American culture and many souvenir shops.

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Rides in Far West

Here, in the Far West, the climate is arid and you will need to cool off. Climb on board Silver River Flume and Grand Canyon Rapids, two water rides that are ideal for family fun. And if you’re looking for thrills, Stampida is so much more than a large wooden roller coaster. Are you up for the challenge?

Buffalo Rodeos - Far West

Buffalo Rodeo

Far West
Learn the art of rodeo and ride your very own buffalo in this attraction in the Far West world of PortAventura, where it’s all about the survival of the fittest.
Penitence Station - Far West

Penitence Station

Far West
All aboard! The train is about to leave from Penitence Station on a fascinating journey through the whole PortAventura theme park!
Tomahawk - Far West


Far West
The frenetic climbs and descents of this children's ride will test anyone's courage who dares to brave the Tomahawk roller coaster.
Laberinto Blacksmith - Far West

Laberinto BlackSmith

Far West
Despite the passage of time and lack of use, the old run-down Laberinto BlackSmith maze is still standing. Dare to enter and unravel all of its mysteries!

Grand Canyon Rapids

Far West
Prepare yourself for an invigorating ride over the rapids of the wild Colorado River in this exciting attraction from the Far West world of PortAventura.
Carrousel Sa -ortAventura


Far West
In the heart of a far-off town lies PortAventura Park's Carousel, the famous merry-go-round for children and adults alike.
Distributiva Atracciones - Wild Buffalos

Wild Buffalos

Far West
Learn to drive these out-of-control bumper cars and compete with the rest of the town's inhabitants to win the title of Wild Buffalos PortAventura Rodeo Champion.


Far West
The PortAventura's Stampida ride is much more than a wooden roller coaster; it replicates the system that the first settlers used to gain possession of a piece of land: the land belongs to whoever gets there first!
Distributiva Atracciones - Volpaiute


Far West
Show who's boss and challenge the VolPaiute tribe. Dare to brave this spinning ride of PortAventura World!

Crazy Barrels

Far West
Crazy Barrels is a fun filled attraction with plenty of surprises in store! These mad barrels won’t stop spinning you as you feel them getting faster and faster.
Silver River Flume - Far West

Silver River Flume

Far West

Hop aboard a fun felled tree and cool down in this entertaining ride to the sawmill in PortAventura World.

Restaurants in Far West

Penitence’s finest cuts of meat can be found here. Come to the Far West and taste our mouth-watering hamburgers, grilled and barbecued meats and pizzas. All top-quality American products!

Iron Horse - Restaurantes Far West

The Iron Horse

Far West

The best home-cooked American food made by Madame Lilie awaits you at The Iron Horse restaurant. Famous throughout the Far West!

Distributiva Restaurantes - Old Steak House

The Old Steak House

Far West

The best meat of Penitence is served at The Old Steak House restaurant. Carnivores, this is the place for you!

Distributiva Restaurantes - Jeremias Food

Jeremias' Food

Far West

Salads, pasta and delicious freshly-made pizzas are waiting for you in the kitchen of old Jeremias’ restaurant.

El Kaktus 3

Food Outlets Far West

Far West

For a pick-me-up, head to one of the snack bars in the Far West world so you can carry on enjoying the theme park.

Shops in Far West

Visit the Far West shops and take home endless stuffed animals, the most exclusive Desigual clothing and original Betty Boop products. The best gifts can be found here!

General Store

General Store

Far West

Browse through an extensive range of soft-toys featuring all the main characters of the PortAventura Resort, a wide selection of Sesame Street-themed products and hundreds of souvenirs at the General Store.

Western Clothing 1

Western Clothing Company

Far West

Next to Penitence Station you can find Western Clothing Company, with the latest and most colourful items from Desigual.

Fly Photograph Studio 2

Fly’s Photograph Studio

Far West

Choose the scenery, your favourite outfit and reveal your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Keep the realism of this theme area alive with an unforgettable memory.

Gran Canyon Rapids Shop 1

Grand Canyon Rapids Shop

Far West

Choose the best souvenir of your incredible adventure on the Grand Canyon Rapids or take home some of the characters from PortAventura World.

Distri Foto Estampida

Fotografía Stampida

Far West

Never forget the excitement you experienced on Stampida with a photograph to keep forever. Have it printed on an endless array of products based on the famous Far West roller coaster.

Distri Foto Silver River Flume

Fotografía Silver River Flume

Far West

Your last splash on the Silver River Flume will survive forever as a stunning photograph. Find yours at the ride exit and take home a keepsake of your most enjoyable moment.

Foto Gran Canyon Rapids 2

Fotografía Grand Canyon Rapids

Far West

At the Grand Canyon Rapids photo shop, see yourself dodging the water at top speed, and you'll have photographic evidence to prove it!

Distri Foto Tomahawk

Fotografía Tomahawk

Far West

If you have had an amazing time on the Tomahawk ride, as you leave you can purchase your favourite souvenir of this fantastic experience.

Distri Casa de Woody

La Casa de Woody

Far West

Visit La Casa de Woody, with thousands of details and curious objects!

Shows in Far West

In the Far West we know how to put on a good show. This Christmas get ready for a musical like no other, an incredible performance on ice, and a show featuring a host of gnomes where one of the stars…will be you! Darn tooting, cowboy, you're sure to have a great time in the West.


Bang Bang West

Far West

Robberies are the order of the day in Far West. Will the villains be able to break into the safe and get away with the loot?

Espectaculos Can Can West 600x300

Magic Can Can

Far West

Action, rhythm, fun and humour await you at the old Far West Saloon.

Espectaculos West Show 600x300

West Show

Far West

A live singer and guaranteed fun in this interactive show where you will be in the spotlight before you know it!

Distri Casa de Woody

La Casa de Woody

Far West

Visit La Casa de Woody, with thousands of details and curious objects!