PortAventura World will open its doors again on May 15.

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Step into colonial China and encounter firsthand the impressive Shambhala and the feared Dragon Khan.

Go on a shopping spree, sample the cuisine of its fantastic restaurants, be thrilled with the shows and have the time of your life on every single ride. In this area, you will find the park’s highest roller coaster, the impressive Shambhala, which reaches a mighty 76 metres. If you still feel in need of an adrenaline rush then head on over to meet the most famous dragon in the park. Are you ready to face the fearsome Dragon Khan?

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Rides in China

Conquer the skies 76 metres in the air on Shambhala, PortAventura Park’s highest roller coaster, and brave the 8 loops of Dragon Khan at 110 km/h. If you want to have fun with the kids, you will also find attractions suitable for the whole family.



Measuring 76 metres tall, this roller coaster boasts the longest drop and is the highest in PortAventura Park.

Dragon Khan

An icon for all roller coasters: 8 loops and more than 110 km/h of speed will make Dragon Khan a sure temptation as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Waitan Port

Waitan Port is a pleasant boat ride that will take you from PortAventura China to PortAventura Mediterrània.

Tea Cups

The giant tea cups of this PortAventura World ride are waiting for you and your family to hop on to go for a spin.

Área Infantil

The PortAventura Park playground is designed especially for little ones to create their own adventures on the children's slides, swings and walkways that fill this infant area.



Use your water gun to shoot down all the obstacles in your path as you cross the jungle and step ashore a real hero.

Cobra Imperial


Cobra Imperial of PortAventura China is one of the symbols of this theme area and is designed with little ones in mind.

Restaurants in China

Take a seat in one of the restaurants in the China area for a taste of real oriental cooking. Eat spring rolls whilst looking out over the magnificent views of the central square or make a quick stop at one of the food outlets and then continue on your way.

Marco Polo


At the Buffet Marco Polo you will feel like a real explorer as you try a myriad of different and delicious dishes from all over the world.



Only at the Sichuan restaurant in PortAventura can you sample the best of Chinese cuisine.



Replenish your energy at Dagana after your adventure on Shambhala, or build up your courage before your ride. 



Let yourself be seduced by the typical flavors of China’s gastronomy with a wok show-cooking (noodles made to your taste, kebabs, spring rolls, etc.) while you take in magnificent views of the main square.

Food Outlets China


Take a break on the road and replenish your energy at one of the snack bars in PortAventura China and carry on with your adventure.

Shops in China

Visit the local shops and take away curious artefacts and products from the different places that you visited in PortAventura Park’s China area.

Escuela de Conducción Kids&Cars


At the Driving School, you'll learn how to drive on the circuit in a fun way that is completely safe. Show off your driving skills and learn to follow the highway code.

Lotus Palace


Follow Marco Polo's example and take curious artefacts and products away with you from the exotic places that you visited in PortAventura China, straight from ancient Imperial China itself.

Sarpang Shop


The mythical attraction's shop stocks all kinds of souvenirs so you can take home all the memories you want of rides like Dragon Khan and Shambhala.

Fotografía Dragon Khan


Do you want to see what your face looked like as you went around one of the loops on Dragon Khan? In this shop you can choose the best snapshot of yourself as an adventurer and take it home in your preferred format.

Timbu – Photoride


After one of the most exciting experiences of your life, surely you won't want to forget what it was like on your Shambhala ride. And what better way than a photo to keep the memory alive of the experience of a life time!



Come inside this new Cambodian world and the exotic jungles of Asia. Before you leave, why not take home a souvenir of your experience. Choose from a wide range of handicraft products from the area and souvenirs of the ride.

Shows in China

You still haven’t seen a China show? Discover here the most amazing shows for adults and children. And, if you come for Halloween or Christmas, remember that there are exclusive events especially designed for the occasion.

Around the World


China’s Gran Teatro Imperial opens its doors to an acrobatic show. This typical PortAventura World extravaganza will be full of fun and great music.