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Get carried away by the impressive attractions in PortAventura’s area of México, accompanied by the rhythm of its famous mariachis.

Connect with Mexican culture and be part of it as you cross over into this world. Feel the adrenaline rise as you free fall 100 metres on Hurakan Condor, devour all kinds of tacos, nachos and quesadillas in the restaurants and admire the mariachi beats in the best shows.

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Rides in México

The rides in PortAventura World's México themed area are only for the bravest amongst you. Overcome your fear of heights 100 metres in the air on Hurakan Condor and spend precious time as a family accompanying the little ones on their favourite rides.

Distributiva Atracciones - Los Potrillos

Los Potrillos

These friendly, rebellious Mexican ponies will take little ones on a journey through the thick vegetation of the most exotic lands of México PortAventura.
Distributiva Atracciones - Serpiente Emplumada

Serpiente Emplumada

Join the ceremonial ritual and spin around this sacred totem pole on the back of Serpiente Emplumada and experience all the ups and downs of this powerful ride in PortAventura's México area.
Hurakan Condor Atracciones MEX

Hurakan Condor

With a 100-metre long free fall, this ride is only suitable for the most courageous of México PortAventura's visitors.
Distributiva Atracciones - Diablo Tren de la mina

El Diablo - Tren de la Mina

Ride through the El Diablo mine at top speed in an authentic wooden railway carriage and be sure to take in every single detail.
El Secreto de los Mayas

El Secreto de los Mayas

El Secreto de los Mayas is a 175 m2 maze of sensations and visual effects which is possessed by the Mayan gods who will put your PortAventura World explorer skills to the test.
Distributiva Atracciones - Armadillos



These fun Mexican animals are dressed in all their finery ready to take little ones on a pleasant stroll around colonial México PortAventura.

Distributiva Atracciones - Yucatan



A dragon-headed serpent will greet you as you enter México PortAventura. Will you be strong enough to survive as it spins you round and round?

Restaurants in México

Join in the party with some Mexican cuisine! PortAventura World offers you 5 unique restaurants for a taste of real Mexico in an instant. Enjoy a variety of nachos, tacos, quesadillas ... Accompanied by live mariachis!

Distributiva Restaurantes - La Hacienda el Charro

Hacienda El Charro


Amidst the plants and fountains of the post-colonial patio of La Hacienda El Charro, choose from an exquisite selection of traditional dishes of delicious Mexican cuisine.

Distributiva Restaurantes - La Cantina

La Cantina


Come and join a real open-air party set in a post-colonial Mexican plaza and try delicious nachos with guacamole, burritos and a good bowl of chili con carne.

Distributiva Restaurantes - Puntos de alimentacion Mexico

Food Outlets México


Recharge without missing a moment of the action at any of the multiple snack bars in PortAventura Resort.

Shops in México

Do you fancy a sweet treat? Native crafts? In México’s shops you will find the best souvenirs from Central America to remember forever your experience in PortAventura World.

Taxco 1



Here at PortAventura, we've even thought about those moments that will add a touch of sweetness to your experience. That's why at the Taxco shop you can find a wide array of Haribo and PortAventura sweets. Choose your favourite!

Distributiva Tiendas - Hurakan Condor Shop

Hurakan Condor Shop


At Hurakan Condor Shop you can find a diverse range of products and the best photos of your experience on the ride.

Tianguis - Mexico



The most authentic Mexican craftsmanship is shaping up for you to test out and choose from, without even having to leave PortAventura México.

Foto Tren de la Mina 1

Fotografía El Diablo Tren de la Mina


Take as souvenir the photo with the best pictures from Diablo.

Shows in México

Let the Mexican music flow through your veins. Don’t miss the opportunity for family fun in a setting full of colour and rhythm! Visit us at Christmas and you will discover a secret shortcut leading to the home of Santa Claus. Will you be there?

Espectaculos Rituales Mexicanos 600x300

Rituales Mexicanos


La Cantina in México will amaze you not only with its flavours but also with its Mexican rituals, dances and songs so that diners can enjoy an entertaining and lively meal. Mayan tradition and modernity come together in this new show to show you its strength and ancestral beauty in the present day.

Tadeo Jones PortAventura

Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones


Get ready for adventure with the intrepid Tadeo Jones and his trusty sidekicks! Will he manage to save Sara and stop the villain in his tracks?