Food Outlets Far West

Besides the excellent restaurants, the PortAventura Far West area boasts an array of snack bars that enable you to replenish your energy whilst continuing to enjoy the park's attractions.

Food Outlets Far West
  • Long Branch Saloon - Tapas, beers and refreshments
  • Hot Dog - Hot sandwiches and refreshments
  • Black Smith - Sandwiches, snacks and refreshments
  • 4 de Julio - Ben & Jerry's ice cream
  • Stunt Pop Corn - Popcorn, chocolates, refreshments, slushies...
  • El Kaktus - Refreshments and snacks
  • El Molino – Refreshments and ice creams
  • Yoghourtería Danone
  • Grand Canyon Drinks – Slushies
The Iron Horse
The best home-cooked American food made by Madame Lilie awaits you at The Iron Horse restaurant. Famous throughout the Far West!
The Old Steak House
The best meat of Penitence is served at The Old Steak House restaurant. Carnivores, this is the place for you!
Jeremias' Food
The best freshly made pizzas and pastas are prepared in old Jeremias kitchen and served at his restaurant, Jeremias' Food.
Chickens’ Stampida
At Chickens’ Stampida, you can replenish your energy after your experience on Stampida, PortAventura World's frenetic wooden roller coaster.
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