Ferrari Land is a world for the brave! The ideal place if you love adrenaline above all else.

At PortAventura World, we are well aware that this passion for hairpin bends and Formula 1 acceleration is something that we have carried inside us since we were born. For this reason, in Ferrari Land there are also rides for the youngest members of the family to have a great time!

Lower your visor, buckle up, and take a firm grip of the wheel because today we’re going to talk about Junior Red Force.

3, 2, 1… Have fun!

In Ferrari Land, among the emblematic buildings of Italy and next to other fun attractions such as Crazy Pistons and Champions Race, is Junior Red Force.

As its name indicates, this roller coaster is the little sister of our most brutal attraction, Red Force. But don’t let this fool you! Seated in their fast-paced cars, the little ones will have an experience full of speed and excitement.

As they make their way along its tracks, your children will feel like the best Formula 1 drivers. There will be non-stop laughter as they take on unexpected turns, climb to the heights and then fall into crazy drops and create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Because being the first to see the chequered flag is awesome, but having a great story to tell their friends will be the biggest win!

Our hotels: the best paddock!

With accommodation in any of our hotels, you will have one day of free access to Ferrari Land. Bring the whole family, stay at PortAventura World and enjoy, for a day, walking through the most emblematic places in Italy.

In addition, you can enjoy the Acrobatic Show, a themed show full of music, basketball, and a lot of rhythm on the park’s main stage.

And if fine dining is your thing, in Ferrari Land you will also find exclusive flavours and products that, for a second, will transport your five senses to the other end of the Mediterranean.

Make up your mind as fast as our F1 cars and come visit us. We’ll see you presto!