PortAdventurers, the most Made To Scream time of the year is drawing to a close.

We’ve had a wonderful time watching you feel the adrenaline in our passages of terror, soak up our most bone-chilling shows from the best seats in the house and explore every square inch of our park fully dressed up for Halloween. And we’ve got some good news to share with you…

This weekend is your last chance to shiver with excitement!

For those who have yet to visit PortAventura World this Halloween, here are 3 main reasons to come, no matter what, before the spooky season draws to a close on 12 November.

We’ve written the soundtrack to your nightmares

 It’s customary to hear Halloween songs at this time of year. Most of them tell bone-chilling tales that will make your hairs stand on end, with catchy melodies that ensure they soundtrack your nightmares long after you close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

And we at PortAventura World have also written our own Halloween jingle! Have you heard it yet?

Its lyrics tell the tale of one of the park’s spookiest spots, Halloween Factory: a haunted building of fear and fright teeming with lost souls and ancient magic. Add it to your playlist and come and sing along at PortAventura World… if you dare. It’s sure to be a moment that you’ll remember forever!


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Other-worldly characters

Another thing that makes Halloween at PortAventura World so special is the plethora of characters that can be found wandering around its different areas.

Are you into your zombies? Well, some of the scariest ones can be found right here. More of a vampire fan? You’ll find them here too. What about spirits from the ancient Chinese empire? You’ve guessed it, there’s plenty of them too here at PortAventura World!

Whatever creepy creature comes to mind, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll be waiting for you at our hotels and attractions, ready to give you the fright of your life. Each of these eerie characters has been meticulously designed, with tailor-made costumes and incredible makeup worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Trust us, you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what isn’t!

New year, new ideas

Another reason to visit us this Halloween 2023 is that there won’t be another one like it!

And we’re not just saying it. Each year, we pull out all the stops to make our seasonal festivities truly unique in every sense of the word, with brand-new ideas, innovative shows and original experiences completely unrecognisable from the previous year.

One such example is our Scare Zone: La Maldición del Emperador. Totally unexplored!

Well, now you know! Don’t miss this final chance to experience Halloween 2023 at PortAventura World.

Don’t miss out on this final opportunity for an unforgettable memory!